In the last post I talked about some of the yarn that had arrived in recent weeks for new designs, but what I didn't get around to showing you was the biggest single delivery of all.

I should perhaps start by saying it was inevitable that a parcel like this would arrive. I follow lots of blogs and had seen so much of this Stone Washed XL yarn (a relatively new yarn from a well established brand) courtesy of the various Dutch crafters I follow. After seeing Wink's beach bag CAL I decided that this might just be the yarn I was looking for to produce something from a sketch I drew months ago. So varying amounts of four different colours were ordered - Coral, Lemon Quartz, Smokey Quartz and Amazonite - and arrived looking like this...
Scheepjes Stone Washed
These are definitely not my usual colours - especially the yellow - but I confess that my order was heavily influenced by the sky here at the start of Autumn. It changes so much throughout the day - starting out blue, turning to grey and then giving a flash of sun in the mid-afternoon, ready for the beautiful oranges of an early sunset. It's my favourite thing about living in West Sussex which is relatively flat (compared to my hometown in Wales) and offers magnificent views of the skyline. 

As I hadn't tried the yarn before, it was essential to cast on immediately.  In no time at all I'd knit up the first 50g ball and had completely fallen for it. The yarn is 70% cotton and 30% acrylic and is incredibly soft, with a slight halo. Knitting garter stitch on 6mm needles, it produces a deliciously snuggly and textured fabric and I think everyone who has squished it has fallen for it too. Because it's so soft and washable, I used the 5 ply version for my latest pattern - Leaf Collector's Mitts.
Colourblocking with Scheepjes Stone Washed XL
All this happened at the same time my hand stopped working (see this post), so although I might normally have finished this project in a single weekend, it was delayed for a week, followed by other things which had to be finished for deadlines. *sigh* All good things come to those who wait, right? 

It's really good comfort-knitting (I've done a bit more than you can see in the picture) and I'm itching to get back to it... but had to use the needle tips for another project I'm working on* so I need to finish that one before I can get the needles back. I'll give you an update next week when I'm hoping it might be well on the way to completion.

Edited: I've had a lot of people contact me about sourcing this Dutch yarn - Scheepjes Stone Washed XL is available from Deramores, for UK and worldwide delivery (find delivery costs here).
*Knitter's Problems: How is it that you can have four complete sets of different needles, plus spares, and the ONLY 6mm tips you can find are on another project?

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