WIPs and books, lots of books!

WIPs and books
I've put down my (secret) sample knitting and have cast on a very quick new project - a(nother) headband/wrap - from a pattern in the new book by Fiona Goble. I'll tell you more about the project and the book on Friday, by which time I should have a FO*, and hopefully no excuse to wear it - for surely the completion of a warm and cosy project will summon sunshine? (It's starting to get a bit chilly.) 

Those who are participating in the "CftC Fitalong" - which is still ongoing if you'd care to join us - may have already seen I've been very active since the children returned to school. This has given me time to listen to the first half of the new Sarah Waters novel, The Paying Guests (TPG).  If you've enjoyed any of her other novels then I'm sure you'll like this one too. It is the story of Frances Wray, a high-society spinster in her mid-20s who has lost a lot as a result of the war - her brothers, her father, and - some might suppose - her diginity, as she and her mother have to resort to opening their house to lodgers from a very different background. Set in 1922, the changing role of women and the blurring of the 'class divide' are all integral to the story, as well as the aspect of forbidden love that is an expected feature of Waters' work.

As well as listening to TPG, my bedtime reading is Happy Accidents by Tiffany Murray. I'm not enjoying it as much as I did her previous novel (Diamond Star Halo) but perhaps that's because I'd rather be reading The Paying Guests, which I only have as an audiobook, and I dare not listen to that at bedtime or the book would be finished by the time my alarm goes off and I'd have no idea how much I'd missed (ask me how I know!). This is why I was particularly interested to read about Kindle Unlimited today. It's a new Amazon subscription service where you can read as many books (from the KU list) as you like and plenty of them also have audio versions, so you can slip between the ebook and audiobook seamlessly (it'll remember your place). Unfortunately not all the books I'd like to read are on there, but I think there are enough to give the 30 day Free trial a go, once I have finished listening to TPG. 
*FO = finished object. I never know whether to write "an FO" or "a FO" - the former is better if you read it literally as "an eff oh" but the latter is correct if you read it as "a finished object"..... what do you think? 

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  1. I don't think the grammar police are going to beat down your door either way. Maybe try "I will have a WFO" instead then it's definitely an a ! (Wonderful Finished Object)


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