Book Review: Woolly Woofers by Debbie Bliss

This week sees the launch of the latest book by Debbie Bliss - a book of knitwear for dogs - called 'Woolly Woofers'. As a fan of her designs, a book-lover, and 'pack leader' to Archie (a Miniature Schnauzer) I was delighted to get my hands on a preview copy.

At this point it is probably worth interrupting myself to say that a year ago, before we brought Archie home, I was made to promise I wouldn't dress him in knit-wear, jumpers were most definitely banned, and if I so much as looked at any doggy hat patterns he'd be given to the pound. For this reason, I have only ever made him a crochet bed - nothing else - so you'll understand that my interest in the book was purely theoretical. Ok, so back to the book review.

Debbie Bliss is a devoted dog owner to Monty and Smiffy. Here's what she had to say about this new collection: 
This book combines two of my great loves; knitting and dogs. I am not interested in a snooty pet who can take or leave you (fellow dog-lovers, you know who I mean). I want unconditional love. I want a pet who, when you pop out to the kitchen for a few minutes, will behave as though you had been gone for months on your return. Surely all doggy devotion should be rewarded with the best possible wardrobe lovingly knitted by their owner.
(Note to my husband: All of that sounds exactly like Archie. Surely he deserves a little something...? After all, he is Head of the Welcome Home Committee, the enthusiastic accomplice to much mischief between the kids and my constant laundry helper - and by 'helper' I mean he's great at scattering the dirty socks all over the house, which is of course, just where I'd like them to be!)

The book contains 22 different patterns ranging from simple bandanas to costumes. There are six basic coat/jumper shapes which are designed to fit a range of dog shapes - some are very flexible (a simple coat with straps) while others are closer fitting and require a bit more measuring (basic guidance is provided). The various motifs (a star, paw print etc) can be used on different projects and there is plenty of scope to add to remove rows/stitches to get a good fit, whatever the size of your dog. If you want something warm and practical there are various options, and if you have a more outgoing pooch who likes to be the centre of attention then the bee, sheep, Santa or Pierrot costumes (yes, really!!!) may be for you. Without the hat, this is actually quite practical.... 

As I have come to expect from Debbie Bliss, the patterns are well written and easy to follow - the font and charts are clear and easy on the eye (something I'm quite pernickety about these days) and I suppose if those lovely Schnauzer pics don't convince my husband, there's always a bandana or two that I could easily get away with...

All images used with permission of Quadrille Craft 

Woolly Woofers is available to pre-order on Amazon now at £10.49 (the cover price is £14.99) and will be available on general release from Thursday 11th September.


  1. My local yarn shop just tweeted to say they have this book in stock. I'm only sorry I have to wait until tomorrow to get my hands on this. Too excited!

  2. Ugh. Why do some dog lovers have to malign cats all.the.time? I wouldn't buy this book for that reason alone, despite my particular feelings about clothes on pets (a big no). I'm a dog lover *and* a cat lover. So ner!


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