FO Friday: Pebble Beach Shawlette

FO Friday - Pebble Beach Shawlette

After starting this project the day of Unwind Brighton (the pattern was in the programme, but is now available separately) it seemed like it would never be finished, but it took just one uninterrupted Saturday, when D took the children out, to get it done. And it worked up really quickly! 

It's a lovely design - easy enough to be a first lace project - although I struggled with complacency and had to undo part of it. I know a couple of other experienced knitters who have also lost concentration (it's a very relaxing knit) and made mistakes! The pattern is really nicely written - very clear and easy to follow - and I'll be making more from Helen Stewart / Curious Handmade after this.

I also love the yarn which I got at Unwind. It's Rhodri Sock from Triskelion Yarn in shade 'Beowa' - which I think might be an Anglo-saxon word for Barley. As I was knitting it, I wondered if I should have chosen something softer than sock yarn but it's such a lovely colour and has a much nicer feel after a soak and block. 

There are a few things that I would do differently if I could turn back time:
Pebble Beach Shawlette

Pebble Beach cast onI usually prefer a garter tab cast on for this type of project and I'm not sure whether it's my knitting or the pattern, but I don't really like the look of the cast on section. Browsing Ravelry, I found some other knitters had changed the first few rows for the same reason. If you plan to knit it, you might like to take a look here and on other FOs.

There was a knot in my yarn. I knew about it from winding it into a ball, and as I expected the shawlette to use the whole skein I used that end of the yarn anyway. As it turns out, I have almost 22g left so I should have used the other end of the ball and the knot probably wouldn't have been used. If only I'd checked!

As much as I love the look of a picot edge, it's time-consuming and I put it down part-way through. While blocking I noticed that I'd missed one of the points - I think it was when I picked it up again as it's roughly half way - yep, right in the middle. I've tried to fudge it with the blocking wires as I really couldn't face undoing it. I think it'll do, and if not it may be a case of sewing a little bump on.

Despite these little niggles, I'm really pleased with the shawl and it'll always be a nice reminder of our day out. 


  1. It's gorgeous Sarah - I just love the colour :)
    You'll be the only one to notice the little blips - I know what you mean though but hopefully you'll forget about them in time. I made a mistake in a shawl I knit once and these days I very rarely think about it when I put it on!

  2. Really lovely, I have been thinking about making this for so long and each time I see yours it makes me want to cast on! *Must finish all other projects first*

  3. Helen writes great patterns. I voted for this pattern to be included in the Unwind programme and couldn't wait to be able to buy it myself. I have the pattern now waiting to be cast on after finishing another Helen Stewart pattern (this will be the third one I've made) Radiance. I even bought some yarn at Fibre East especially for the pattern. I hardly ever buy yarn specifically for a pattern, but this yarn was delicious and I knew it would be perfect. Expect to see my version on my needles, very shortly.

  4. It's a lovely shawl and the little bumps along the way will never be noticed by others!

  5. Looks lovely to me. Beautiful work.

  6. This is a pretty and sunny outcome. It matches your radiant smile.

  7. It was my knitting group today and one of the ladies had just finished Pebble Beach and was complaining that she had needed to rip back a few times because she had not ended up with the right number of stitches in a row.I told her she was in good company! But it is a lovely pattern.

    1. Ha! I think it's caught a few of us out now! :)

  8. In my family, a mistake is there to let the evil spirits out. Often on old Navajo rugs you'll find a slight irregularity in the pattern, which serves that purpose! And no, I'm not Navajo, just an old Air Force brat (U.S., that is) who moved a lot as a child. Regards. Kate in Oregon


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