Thursday, 5 June 2014

Yarn spaghetti x 2 and an American Wife

What a week it's been. I managed some work on my sock design - knitting the foot from the chart I felt happy with. Then I changed it. And changed it again. In fact despite knitting at least four different feet with slightly different 'tweaks' I am back to the drawing board - the idea is there, but not quite translated into stitches yet, and that won't do. Part of me is frustrated, but there is another part - the sensible bit - which appreciates that with each incarnation, I am closer to what I want.... but I'm not certain quite how to get there within the mathematical constraints of a sock which I would like to be sized up and down. It will come. It's a good job I'm using inexpensive (Drops Fabel) yarn for my mock socks! 
Ripping socks and unfortunate snags
Feeling a little deflated,  I went back to the other project I've been working on using the lovely cotton/linen Bigarelle from Bergere de France, and threw it in my bag to take along on an appointment ...without even stopping to put it in a project bag. This isn't the first time I've done such a thing, but it's the first time the fabric has become mangled with things in my bag to such a point that the long snags were beyond repair. It now looks like this... again (I had already ripped it out to fix a little error which had caused earlier procraftination).
Ripping socks and unfortunate snags
For the last few nights it's hardly surprising that I haven't been in the right frame of mind to pick either project up and so I started reading a novel recommended by several members of my book club -  American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld. 

Much has been made about the fact that this is a novel about a woman whose life bears an uncanny resemblance to that of Laura Bush (eg here, here and here). As a Brit I know little about "Dubya" and his wife, and am not sure that I really care about that side of it too much - it's just a darn good story. I'm currently at the point where 'Alice' meets 'Charlie' (George), and based on the reviews am expecting it to get a little more racy, but it's incredibly good and the main character so convincingly written that I am completely drawn in by her, and only wish I could sit and read all day. Obviously that's not a possibility for numerous reasons, including the Fit-along which is going great (I've managed 6,800 steps and 27 active/cardio mins already today - I'm hoping to double it before the end of the day). 

Following on from some discussions with numerous people and a general consensus on the facebook page, I've started working on a new short series of posts entitled 'demystifying toe-up socks' - it's going to include work-along instructions for making socks using the magic loop method (which can also be used for two-at-a-time) and lots of links to useful resources. If you haven't tried toe-up socks before and would like to, be sure to put aside some sock yarn and suitable circulars, and then stay tuned. 


  1. Urgh at all that frogging, must be very frustrating!

  2. Oh no - that is very frustrating. Maybe a break is the best thing, then go back with fresh eyes.

  3. How annoying, I know it is a process but hard to go through. What a shame about the other yarn too.

  4. Hi, I'm not a very adventurous knitter. Mainly baby knitting. But I've tried to do some socks on 4 needles. Going to be brave and try on a circular needle!! Just seen your Mum on BBC 2 rerun of sewing bee.
    Sandra K

  5. Oh wow, you have my sympathy on the yarn spaghetti, I had to post a remarkably similar picture last week (thought the yarn was far less tasteful in colour). As for that book, it's brilliant. I read it a while ago and loved it. I've just downloaded another by her onto my kindle so I'm hoping it matches up.


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