Recipe: Simplest Garter Stitch Bandana (suitable for kids!)

Simplest Garter Stitch Bandana

A few of the children at knitting club have been fancying my triangular shawls. Some of them are doing so well, I think they are ready to make something like this. It's a recipe which is easy enough for them to knit, and it can be as big or small as they want - so they could make it for themselves, a teddy or doll. If you have a knitting kid, or are a beginner yourself, you may like to give it a go.

Simplest Garter Stitch Bandana
I used a sparkly yarn (50g x Rico Creative Reflection Print) which has been in my stash for while, but the recipe itself is unisex - My Boy would wear this same shape if made using a blue yarn (his favourite). It requires only four different skills - casting on, knitting in garter stitch, kfb increase and binding off. 

You will need: 
  • At least 250m of 4 ply (or sock) yarn*, but you can use as much as you like for a bigger triangle
  • 4mm circular needles used to knit flat (they are not as heavy for little arms, and it's much easier than knitting on long straight needles, which I hate!)
  • Needle for sewing in ends
  • Cast on 1 stitch 
  • Row A - Kbf, knit to end of the row
  • Repeat row A until the bandana is to the required size, or you have just enough yarn left to bind off (about 3 times as long as the final row will be fine) 
  • Bind off loosely 
  • Sew in ends, ensuring that the sharp point is maintained at the cast-on edge
*If substituting yarn, use needles which are a size or two bigger than the suggested size to get more drape. If you're not sure which size to use, try using different needles to cast on and knit several rows until you get a fabric you like!


  1. Oh, she is a darling! What a great idea for kids.

  2. Was just thinking of making stomething for grandchildren. This is a bright idea!


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