WIPs & Books: While I was waiting

You know that moment when you're struck by inspiration and you know EXACTLY what you want to knit... but you don't have the right yarn? That was me last Thursday - the day before a double Bank Holiday weekend with no chance of yarn arriving for the best part of a week and nowhere close enough to buy what I wanted. Naturally, I did what many of you would have done while waiting - I cast on LOTS of other things!

First there was the clock make-over. It was done in no time so it was followed by an experimental "thing" with some lovely Natural Dye Studio Yarn. It's not going to become anything at the moment, as I used it as a swatch to try something out (which you can't even see in this photo!) for a future design. 
While I was waiting...
Next, the moccasin toe experiment was completed. I like it and will use it on a real sock, but this was meant as a practice, so it'll be bound off and added to my swatch box (which isn't a box yet - it's a big envelope, but it really does need to be a box. I must get one.) My sock investigations lead me to this great free pattern for an Afterthought Heel - the next thing I want to try, but so far I have resisted the (significant) temptation to cast those on.  

Then a Kauni laceweight gradient "tube" - it's fate is uncertain. There are a few things I would like it to become, and I'm not sure whether there is a way they could all be compatible.
While I was waiting....
As if that wasn't enough I cast on something else with yarn I had re-homed. It was pink and fluffy and I was enjoying knitting some mindless garter stitch while reading*.... until the yarn kept snapping. It made me (a) wonder what had happened to it, and (b) feel glad that I hadn't mixed it in with my 'nice' stash, just incase of those hideous winged creatures which shall not be named! Would that make the yarn look fine in the ball but snap off without warning every so often? 
While I was waiting....
Because I had been enjoying it so much, I replaced the same project with different yarn immediately! It's a very simple shawl which I'll post on the blog (as a recipe) when it's finished. Perfect relaxation knitting. 
While I was waiting....
Thank goodness my parcels arrived this morning, with enough yarn for TWO new projects that are in my sketchpad. Now to prioritise which one to start first....
While I was waiting....
*As if all this knitting casting on wasn't enough, I read two books - Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth at the same time with the help of my new ipad/kindle holder (the best £4.24 I have spent in a long time!) although I'm taking a break before the final book in the trilogy, with Rachel Joyce's Perfect


  1. Some lovely projects there, looking forward to seeing more of them, especially the moccasin toe. I'm planning an afterthought heel for my current pair of socks because they're made using self striping yarn and I don't want to ruin the effect

  2. Goodness, you've been busy!
    Can I ask where you buy locally? I'm not too far away, and really struggle to to find somewhere with a good supply. Thanks

    1. As much as I'd love to support a LYS, there isn't one around here that stocks the kind of yarn I like to buy for my projects so I have to shop online. It's my dream to have a yarn shop and haberdashery with my mum, for this reason!!!

    2. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a good shop in mid Sussex. I was trying to convince a friend to look in to opening on, with home made cakes on offer too. (And easy parking!)

  3. Oooh lots of yarny goodness. I'm doing my first afterthought heel too, I'm hoping it's as easy as people say! I've put the waste yarn in the first sock and want to knit the second one before I attempt it. Let me know how you get on, if you get yours done first. X

  4. Love the red striped socks, socks are a bit of an obsession with me at the moment so I'm going to go off and look up all these special heels and toes!


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