WIPs and notebooks

There are various things on the needles following last week's raging startitis, but only two projects that are likely to get finished any time soon - the first is the gold sparkly garter stitch triangle which is just the perfect size for a little bandana and almost ready to cast off. It's really simple, uses only 50g of yarn and I'm planning to write the pattern up for the knitting club kids - I'll post it here once it's finished too.

WIPs and notebooks

The second is a little project using Rowan Silkystones, from the current issue of Let's Knit magazine. It's the Barmouth headband, and you can read more about it on the designer's blog - a really nice design and there's a lovely story behind it. The yarn is interesting - it's linen and tussah silk and knits up with a slightly uneven texture. I started it yesterday and am hoping to take it away on the weekend, but in honesty there is so much to do before I go, it's unlikely. 

While I was away...
from Let's Knit magazine
When I was looking up the pattern info, I happened to spot the 'coming next month' page of the magazine, which I'd previously missed. Much to my surprise (as I'd missed it on flicking through previously!) my 'secret' project from earlier this year - a wrap pattern which will be in the June issue, on sale May 9th. I'll tell you more about it when the magazine is published. It's exciting as it's the first time I've seen it modelled and now can't wait to see next month's magazine.
WIPs and notebooks
And on the subject of getting orgainsed I know there were many who previously coveted my Midori Traveler's (Crafter's) Notebook, or who went ahead and bought one, and so I thought it worth mentioning a new favourite Etsy* shop - Molsmum aka Tracy makes lovely handmade refills (like these and these) for the TN as well as for various Moleskine notebooks. She also makes her own leather notebook covers (pictured) in the different sizes, which come in beautiful colours and feel amazing.

The covers are based on the TN design but differ in that there is no metal tab at the top of the spine, and the knot for the closure-elastic is hidden within the spine rather than being at the back of the cover, plus the covers seem slightly wider to accommodate lots of inserts. Although those things don't bother me too much about the TN, I do actually think this design is more refined and as they are significantly cheaper than the originals too, definitely worth taking a look if you're a notebook kind of person. Let's be honest, you can never have too many notebooks. I have been delighted with the speedy service and quick responses to my many questions, so a big thanks to Sara from Chasing Corduroy for the recommendation.

In an attempt to get more organised, I've been using my notebook to plan some upcoming posts and spotted an interesting trend - despite always planning to post on Thursdays, it rarely happens! I will make an exception for tomorrow with the final knitalong post. See you then!

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  1. I'm so pleased you love it, yours is a lovely colour. I've written a bit of a review of mine here, if anyone wants further info: http://yarntreestudio.co.uk/2014/04/stationery-geek-alert/ xxx

  2. I just have to say how much I love reading your blog and seeing your instagram photos. I feel like you lead a magical life. :) My poor blog has been neglected for several weeks--just seem to be in a slump-both with blogging and finishing items. I have a pair of socks which are in time-out, a sweater disappointment due to finding it will be too small for my Grandy, and a shawl that is killing me! I am happy to see you are finding some items to finish! Love the notebooks---but not sure what I would put in them! :)


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