Spring KAL week 5 - Finished!

It's done! With one week to go until the final Spring Knitalong blogpost, I finished and blocked Miss Winkle today. After planning to use a new-to-me bind off for this project, and trying both the Icelandic and Knitsofacto methods, I ended up undoing both part-way through the row, and using a plain and simple standard knit bind off.  I'm perfectly happy with it, too. 
Binding off Miss Winkle #cftcspringkal

One of the best things about being slow to finish a knitalong project, is that you get the benefit of the group's experience, and I'd had time to plan how I would block the loops, long before it became necessary. Others had used various pipes, and poles but I used the cable of the enormous circular needle purchased a few years ago from Ingrid Wagner. (They hadn't actually been used for anything until today which reminds me that I should really find a better use for them!)

If only you could feel the softness of this (discontinued) Nimu Isel yarn - it's wool, silk and cashmere and so lovely next to the skin. It was a little tricky to work on metal needles (the only tips I had free in the right size) as it is slippery and very easy to split, but the result is worth it. Yes, I really like this one. The colour really doesn't capture well - it's more purple than it looks in any of the photos to date, so I've added a filter to the picture below - it's much closer to the real colours.
Miss Winkle FO #cftcspringkal
As usual, the linky is below for any bloggers who have not finished yet. Next Thursday will be the final post for this knitalong and will include a selection of FOs from the group!  Be sure to upload your final pictures to the Ravelry group if you'd like the chance of having them included. 


  1. I love that colour, and I also use the same cast off method for everything except for ribbing when I prefer to cast off ribwise for a more flexible finish.

  2. Your Miss Winkle is gorgeous! I used the Icelandic bind off and it wasn't as tricky as I thought it would be!
    I've linked up, thanks so much for hosting this knit along and introducing me to Martina Behm.

  3. It's beautiful, I love the way you've blocked the loops, it's such a pretty design


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