Show & Tell: Tying fabric

I absolutely love draping and tying fabric - all sorts of fabric. As a child, I spent many (many!) hours fashioning clothes from scrap materials - there's a photo somewhere but I can't find it. It's likely that this love of wrapping fabric is in my genes and I am not just thinking of my sewing mum and tailoress Nanna Shirl. I am, after all, of mixed heritage including (amongst other things) Indian sari-wearers and Welsh baby-wearers...

Nanna Marion carrying me  in a blanket 'Welsh-fashion', although I'm clearly trying to escape
During my thirties, this fabric love manifested in an obsession with woven wraps which I used to carry my own children. In the few short years I was using them, I went through literally hundreds - collecting and trading specially-woven fabrics from around the world. As well as the special close-ness with my children, it gave me an appreciation of different types of fabric and it's qualities in terms of draping, tying and the feel against delicate skin, and is what eventually led me to creating my own fabric - knitting, crochet and spinning.

LM in Nati-baby Palla Usheri 
As a novice designer, this love of draping and wrapping fabric is quite evident - perhaps you have already noticed that I love nothing more than a simple item which can be worn in various different ways - this has been a key element of my last four designs (Little Bear's PorridgeThe Enormous Triangle PonshawlSeafoam and one you are yet to see).

For some time I've had an item in my "blog post ideas" list - to show different ways to wear the basic knitted shawl shapes, so when I came across this Nordstrom video via Social Media, it seemed too good not to share. It shows 16 different ways to tie four basic scarves, not knitted, but I really enjoyed watching and think you might like it too.


  1. Great post! A Thai parent have me a wrap but I never remembered how to tie it up to hold my baby. Love the scarves video. I want some now.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post. It was really interesting to read about your families heritage and your love of fabric. The video is brilliant. It's given me lots of new ideas. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali xx

  3. That video is brilliant. Thanks for sharing. Any ideas on how to wear semi-circular or triangular shawls?
    My eldest child loved being wrapped and carried, my youngest refused to be wrapped from birth. Still, she's quite snuggly now as long as it is on her own terms.


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