Get ready... to knitalong!

It wouldn't be UK Spring without a CftC Knitalong and after some deliberation and consultation, I'm pleased to announce that the pattern will be.... 
(c) Martina Behm  - Source: Ravelry

.... Miss Winkle by one of my favourite designers, Martina Behm. The pattern is available in English, German, Russian and Swedish and requires 100g of fingering/ 4 ply yarn so it's a perfect project for that single skein you couldn't resist but don't know what to do with (it's ok, we all have those).

If you haven't joined in with one of our kals before, here are the "rules": 
  • The knitalong starts on March 15th and runs until the end of April. You need to cast on Miss Winkle within that time. 
  • Knit along with us by posting your updates in any (or all) of the following ways: on the Ravelry Group, on Instagram or Twitter using the tag #cftcspringkal, or on the Facebook page. Please ensure the photos are set to 'public' privacy if everyone is to see them. 
  • Link your Ravelry projects with the tag 'cftcspringkal' so we can find them there. 
  • If you write a blog and would like to share updates, there will be a blog post here each Thursday so you can add your link. 
  • I usually share a few of my favourite projects in the weekly updates, so if you do not want your pictures to be included, please note that clearly in the comments when you share them. 
  • If you're in the southern hemisphere, please don't be put off by the kal name - Miss Winkle is perfectly suited to Autumn too. 
You don't need to 'sign up' to take part, but if you do you'll be in with a chance to win some lovely prizes in the draw which will be announced when the knitalong starts on Saturday 15th March.
If you have any questions about the pattern, please check the Ravelry page, you can also see 600+ projects in the gallery for yarn inspiration. I haven't made one of these yet, but know that Martina's patterns are well-written with clear instructions, and there are full details of how to make the loops too, so I am sure this is suitable for all levels. If you're a completely new knitter, and you need help you can just ask - that's one of the great things about knitting along.

I can't wait to cast this on and hope that many of you will join in too - it's always a lot of fun. Yarn discussions are already starting on the Group thread, what are you waiting for.....? 


  1. I think I'll join in with this, despite already running a spin-a-long. It will keep me knitting as well as spinning.

  2. As a female scientist how can I resist? I have been looking for a 'in front of the tv' project. Perfect :)

  3. I love Martina's patterns! I wish the deadline were a little bit longer... I'm spinning up some yarn right now that I think would be perfect for this pattern but it would be quite a stretch for me to finish spinning AND knitting by the end of April.

    1. You don't have to finish it by then, if you don't have the time, it just means that's when I'll be wrapping things up at my end, so join in when you can :D

  4. I know this is off topic but I just wanted to say that I watched the first episode of TGBSB last night and I loved you mom! I think I would have been cheering for her even if I didnt "know" her from your blog, so cute and funny, great sense of humor. I hope she does great, and cant wait to watch more.

  5. Well I've decided that I will join in on this KAL, haven't joined in on one before, so this will be new. I've purchased a new set of circular needles, which I've not used before, so this will be interesting!

    1. Fantastic! If you have any questions then a post on the Ravelry group will probably get the quickest response. I'll be checking out the pattern tomorrow so I know what to expect :) looking forward to seeing your creation.

  6. I'm joining in too - my second cftckal, after boo knits :)

    Just trying to find the right yarn.


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