20 Loops and a Eureka Moment - Spring Knitalong week 2

I've been so busy working on new patterns (and planning a few new projects) that I didn't get much time to knit on Miss Winkle in the last week*, completing only four more loops, but quite unexpectedly I did learn a new skill while working on it.

I've probably mentioned before that my Mum knits in a rather bizarre fashion, working backwards and forwards across the needles without turning her work, so that the right side is always facing her. I really didn't really see the point in learning to knit like this, until Sharon, a member of the Ravelry group said she'd learned to do it so she didn't have to keep turning the shawl every four stitches when making the loops. Eureka! The very next loop I knit back and forth without turning.
It was easy to do for so few stitches. What a revelation! I know the anatomy of a knit and purl stitch well enough not to need to use a tutorial to do it 'backwards' but there are some tutorials online. I haven't linked to any as I haven't taken the time to look at them, but if it's something you would like to try, you might like to start with some links on the knitalong thread.

As Chrissy (Stitched Together) said, when she set out to knit this simple garter stitch project, she hadn't expected to learn a new skill. Neither did I, but it certainly keeps things interesting.

*I am a day late in posting this update, sorry! There are two brand new patterns and an interview with David Dawson from the Sewing Bee coming up in the next few days which I hope will make up for it! And you have just a few more days to enter the giveaway for Claire Garland's awesome book - I've been knitting letters from it, and haven't shown you those yet either!

There were some lovely blogs linked in last week's post and I'm looking forward to catching up with more this week - you know what to do!


  1. What a genius idea, I'll have to look into this. Have a great weekend. X

  2. I saw some of the threads about the backward knitting, it would save getting myself into a knot at the loop bit!

  3. I'm keen to try the backwards knitting too. Think your mum needs to post a guest tute!

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  5. Really enjoying this KAL - thank you for tempting me!! Its lovely to see all the versions.


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