Unravelling the Unravel shawl

With only a few days until Unravel 2014 I decided to make an "Unravel shawl" - something so ridiculously big and red it would be easy for friends to spot me in the crowds. Mum picked up some super-bulky Patons Fab Big yarn from the LYS and yesterday evening I knit up almost the entire 400g...

Unraveling the Unravel shawl (v1)

As a consequence of working without a pattern or any forward planning, it was not until this morning, when I looked at the entire thing, that I realised it wasn't going to work. With the border it needed to give it balance, it would simply be TOO big and too heavy to wear.

So it's back to the drawing board, and this time I've written myself a pattern. Luckily the yarn knits up quickly on my biggest circular needles (they are 10mm - if I had 12mm tips I'd use those, but I don't). I'm hoping to get it finished and ready to wash in the morning so I can wear it on Saturday.  Please wish me luck. (If it's any good, I'll share the pattern with you next week.)

If you're heading to Farnham Maltings this weekend, you may find this Unravel 2014 map useful. As you can see, there are three different 'create & natter' spaces which are designed for people to relax with friends - it has the added advantage of keeping the stalls and exhibits for those actually looking at the displays. If you spot me over the weekend (hopefully in my shawl) please come and say hello! If you're not coming you can still follow the action via Instagram and Twitter - I'll be using the tag #Unravel2014 on both. 


  1. What a shame. It's such a lively design. But ya gotta do wha cha gotta do. STITCHES West is happening right now.

  2. Oh how I wish I had read this before I went on my first visit to Unravel on Saturday, I knew just two people on the Inspiration Knits stand, near the end I met up with Sally 'Knit Lotion', we had an enjoyable chat and wander around. Then saw two ladies who live near me but I would love to have met up with Ravelry' s British Banter groupies.

    Of course they may not want to meet with me, although I found everything I wanted to buy, it was a bit lonely going around alone with no one to enthuse about the yarns and completed patterns.


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