Unravel 2014 - part 1

There are SO many things I want to tell you about the weekend I just spent at Unravel with Wink, Gilly, and Jacqui...
Unravel 2014
...about the fun we had with Tanya, Tink, Ruth and Ruby (who escaped without any pictures). About how my mum was a total celeb and had dozens of lovely people come up to talk to her, wish her luck, and get photos taken. And about the lovely things we saw and people we met, such as the gorgeous Sarah and Ashley. In fact, I really don't know where to start! Perhaps the best thing is to get on and show you some of the things I brought home with me...

:: lots of pictures of knitted things.
Everything at Unravel 2014 is knitted - including the birds and food
:: a new appreciation for shadow/illusion knitting, felting, and just how lovely simple things made by new crafters can be. These are just a few of the Best of Show entries, and the crochet top was made by a 12 year old.
Some of the Best in Show entries at Unravel 2014
:: a few new favourite exhibitors including Alpaca Purl where I fell in love with this beautiful dress (amongst other things!) ...
A stunning knitted dress by Alpaca Purl at Unravel 2014
...and Llynfi, absolutely beautiful vintage-inspired textiles from Wales... 
Llynfi - beautiful hand crafted wool clothing from Wales -  at Unravel 2014
:: a desire to make felted creatures like this gorgeous knitting sheep by Jenny Barnett...
Jenny Barnett's knitting sheep at Unravel 2014
:: great memories of the atmosphere...
A little of the Unravel atmosphere
:: an exceptionally moderate bag of purchases, after resisting a set of Chiaogoo interchangeables! 
Unravel 2014 - the small haul
Yes, there is a lot more to tell you about Unravel. I'll be back tomorrow! 


  1. I see you got a knitter badge! I regret not buying one now :(

    1. I had only four things on my list - some fibre, a shawl pin (singular!) some 12mm tips, and one of those badges :D

  2. Looks like a very inspiring time!!

  3. Yes, I did escape the photo shoot. Will have to rectify that next time ;)

    Drat! I meant to pick up a knitter badge but later I couldn't remember where I'd seen them. Blame my menopausal memory ...lol

  4. Wow I really enjoyed seeing your photos of all the different makes. The illusion knitting looks amazing. Looking forward to your next unravel post.
    Ali xx

  5. I really like those shawl pins. Can't wait to hear more in depth about your purchases. Enable away my dear!

  6. My mother made me that granny square vest back when I was in high school (and I just had my 60th birthday)! Great to see vintage patterns in use again.

  7. Gorgeous haul! I was just reading about illusion knitting the other day, amazing! x

  8. Goodness, that's held literally up the road from us... didn't even know it was on! Than would have loved it! As would I, but...

    Must remember to remember it for next year!



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