If weeks had themes, this would be the week of "balance". On a personal level, it's been about balancing commitments [to things I have to do v. things I'd like to be doing], balancing relationships [personal integrity v. status quo] and balancing projects [finishing one thing v. starting lots of other new and shiny things].

So far, it's going ok. I'm ahead on a couple of things, and made a list to manage the compulsion to start everything at once - first on the list is Little Bear's Hat, a new design to compliment Little Bear's Porridge. I've made a few sketches and started my pattern notes, so I'll be casting on this evening.

WIPs and books: Little bear's hat

Following an appointment with the paediatric Occupational Therapist this morning, it seems I'm not the only one working on my balance. Our "clumsy" lad with his "messy writing" has proven to be neither lazy or inattentive. He'll be eight this year, and we have discovered that he has hyper-mobility in his fingers (the top joint only) and that it's looking likely also in his hips. The results of his 'balance' tests show that he really does have quite a significant issue - nothing to do with his hearing, which is great.

For the last year we've been determined to get to the root of his struggle with writing, and it turns out not to be his biggest challenge. Suddenly, the 'late' walking is explained, along with the inability to ride a bike - and a balance bike - and the length of time taken to learn to swim. So much is starting to make sense. As a mum, I can't help thinking of all the times he complained about tired feet and legs or cried about aching hands when he had homework to finish. We were not always as sympathetic as we would have been if we'd known how much he was struggling. Poor little guy. I'm glad we finally have some insight, and mustn't dwell on the things that have happened in the past - the balance is now in his favour as we can work with his teachers and the professionals to help him.

To those who noticed there was a post missing yesterday, my apologies. The dog quite literally ate my homework, well, my spinning. He was asleep in the Cwtch when I went out and I came back to a chewed "bobbin" - thankfully it wasn't one of the wooden bobbins for my new wheel but one of the drinking-straw variety (from my handmade Lazy Kate, if you're wondering what I'm talking about!). This threw me completely off balance as I'd planned to show you the spinning that is now a felted mess! Not to worry, I'm getting my own back tomorrow when he get's 'schnauzered' for the first time. 


  1. Bummer about the dog! And also about the joint issues but I agree, I'd be thankful there's a name to the problem so it can be dealt with now as needed. Good luck!

  2. I'm glad there is a reason for your son's challenges. Better late than never.

  3. There is nothing more freeing than a diagnosis, so I am so happy that you got one for your son. I'm not happy he has the condition, just happy that you can start to help him deal with it and move in the right direction from now on.

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  5. I am very happy you kept at your instinct that something was wrong. Hopefully they can not only help but find ways for you all to cope. I do know exactly what you have been through as I went through it with my littlest one. Always follow your instincts even if it turns out nothing is wrong because thats what us Mothers are for looking out for our youngsters. You should be proud of yourself for not giving up. Don't worry about things you may have done or said before the dx. You've done your best and thats all we can do.


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