Snippets (from Christmas): Out of darkness

So how was your week? It's fair to say that our Christmas didn't go quite to plan. On December 23rd most of southern England was hit by heavy rain and severe wind, leaving us as one of over 20,000 homes in Sussex and Surrey without power. It wasn't just the electricity and heating that stopped working - the mobile phone masts were down, landlines didn't work and many of the roads out of our village were blocked by floods, fallen trees and power lines. Roads were in complete darkness without street lights, and we had to drive approximately five miles in heavy rain to make contact with anyone, including my sister whose journey was diverted four times, so that she didn't make it here in time for Christmas Day. Thankfully we have candles, a gas hob and a gas fire, so we fared better than many and managed to keep a sense of humour until just before midnight on Christmas eve when the lights came back on and some kind of normality was restored.

Xmas Snippets - the blackout after the storm

Despite all of this we managed to have a pleasant week, and didn't even eat too much! Top gifts this year were my spinning wheel (more about that on Tuesday), some singing minions and a Lego X-wing. In fact, if I were to use one word to describe our Christmas, it would have to be "Lego-tastic" - there was a lot of Lego - the kids will be looking like it soon!

Lego-tastic Christmas

The weather has improved over the last few days - my sister finally arrived on Boxing Day and we've managed to get out and about now that the roads are mostly clear. A visit to the coast certainly helped to blow away the cobwebs yesterday.

On the beach

So all in all not a bad Christmas and certainly one we will remember. With the end of the month approaching fast, we are starting to look forward to the new year... and wondering what that may bring.

I'll be back next week with some (fairly hideous neon) knitting I cast on in the dark, very dubious-looking beginners' spinning (not all of it mine), and some of my favourite things from 2013. Hope to see you soon.


  1. What a shame things got disrupted for so many people over the one time when families are trying to get together. Its when you realise how dependent we all are on power and communications these days. Glad you still managed to have a good time. That beach photo is lovely - fabulous skies over that stretch of sand. Best wishes for a happy 2014 x

  2. Oh boy. What a holiday for you. Glad you MacGuyvered it and you were all warm and safe.

  3. Glad to hear that you fared ok, and had a good Christmas regardless of the storm - I'm always happy to have gas in a storm!

  4. Goodness! I've been watching the reports on the news. Glad you'd got gas to stay warm and cook

  5. Love the Lego heads!

    Glad you got the power back in time :)

    Wishing you and your family only good things in 2014 x

  6. It was a challenging time wasn't it? So glad you kept your gas, and even more glad that you got power back for Christmas. We're waiting for insurance assessors to look at our roof as it has a couple of leaks (into my crafting den :( ). Hoping that 2014 brings you much happiness and joy.


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