Year of Projects: Stashbusting Christmas Socks!

Inspired by the oranges and reds of Autumn, I remembered the yarn which was used for my Beginner's Guide to 2-at-a-time toe-up socks, and subsequently left on the needles. After transferring the first row onto Chiaogoos (the KnitPro Karbonz from the tute are much too sticky for me) I popped them into my bag for our half term trip away with kids and friends. D drove on the outward journey so I had a couple of hours to work on them on while we travelled and I managed a little more over the weekend too. It'll soon be time to increase for the gusset, so I'm looking forward to a quiet evening at home.
YARN: Nimu Torva from my first visit to Unravel.
PATTERN: Hybrid of Gussett heel vanilla sock with the stitch pattern of Hermione's Every Socks (not shown as the sole is pictured), but knit toe-up and 2-at-a-time on one circular needle.

The colourway is perfect for Autumn knitting and they feel rather festive - I'm calling them my Christmas Socks. You know what else? When these are finished, I'll have SEVEN pairs of handknit socks in my drawer, and I will admit to finding that really quite exciting!


  1. Handknit socks are lovely. I have five (I think) right now with another two pair on needles right now. I have to be careful not to felt them (superwash my backside!)...::sigh::

  2. They are gorgeous, and very seasonal too. I've only got 6 pairs of handknitted socks in my drawer, that's not even a week's worth! Shocking!

  3. Perfect christmas socks! I should have more red in my life, Im not sure why I don't.....I am very excited to be going to NEC this week thanks to the tickets from you. My friend and I are having a day and a night away from the noisy ones and getting excited ....thankyou!

  4. LOVE those socks! I went to Unravel and then started looking at your vendors and got totally caught up in a trance looking at all the gorgeous things! What fun that must have been! You have accomplished my goal of all my own socks in my drawers. Hopefully now with cold weather approaching I will get a bit more knitting done. You should show us all your homemade socks!

  5. Love the colour! Knit socks are great... I need to make a point if making myself some more...

  6. Love you socks-and I know I say it every time someone posts socks, but I need to try a pair. Maybe when I finally do, everyone will be so relieved that they won't have to hear me go on about it anymore, you all will throw me a party?! ;) Seriously, your socks are beautiful, as is everything you knit.

  7. That's a different pair for every day of the week - which is totally awesome. Now you need to build slowly to 31 pairs, because wouldn't it be amazing to not repeat even once within any given month? LOL!

    I shouldn't laugh because I have dozens of pairs of handknit socks in my drawers and I'm wearing one of my favourite comfy pairs right now!

  8. I need to finish some of my socks....those look great!

  9. ahhh.. I've been on a "must make mittens" rampage... I read this and..whammy.. "must make socks...must make socks"

  10. Oh I love those socks! they look amazing in that colourway.

  11. I love the colours!!1 One day I will try two at a time socks.

  12. Those yarncolors are amazing, I'm sure your socks will be beautiful! Way to go on so many pairs of handknit socks!


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