Trend-spotting: Katniss-inspired Knitwear

If you're both a knitter and a Hunger Games fan it's likely that you have already seen Catching Fire and that you spent the first half hour of the film admiring the knitwear. I know it wasn't just me, as many of my friends said they were exactly the same. When I looked online there was already a lot of debate about the fashions and in particular this cowl which seems to be the most popular and striking piece of "knitwear" and is in fact woven....
Image: Lions Gate Entertainment
The piece is by Los Angeles-based designer Maria Dora and is a variation of one of her other designs, adapted for functionality (hunting), and it took two people a week and a half to construct. Maria talks about it here. So far I have come across a few different patterns which are inspired by the garment and which each take a slightly different approach to it's construction. 

There were various knitted items that I liked in the film and I've started a Pinterest board to keep a track of them - I'll add any other patterns and garments which have been inspired by them as I spot them - let me know if you've found any I missed!

What do you think of these? Do you see Katniss-style filtering into the High Street?
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  1. I was also amazed at the knitwear..I loved the cowl vest thing and am making my own version now (crochet) but I really loved the cowl/scarf thing she wore...

    and I just found this site..

    I plan on doing a Catching Fire inspired blog post later this week..I saw it on Friday, but want to go back and see it in IMAX...

    1. Oh yes, that cowl was also gorgeous - it looked more woven than knit to me, but it says there it was knit. What do you think?

  2. It certainly has VOGUE chic appeal.

  3. I love these - especially the first one! I think it'd be great for me over winter down here ... dare I say it?! Roll on winter ... I am constantly drooling over the fab patterns being released at the moment but it's too hot to hold a knee full of knitting right now. You make it and I'll live vicariously until I can do one too ;)

    1. I like that one too - I'm thinking about it, although I have so many other things to finish before I cast on anything else! And as for "roll on winter", that made me laugh. You just ESCAPED winter :D

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  5. Okay...I made is here...

  6. Gorgeous Katniss Cowl Here! I love them:) Each one of Them is unique


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