Spinning Show & Tell: More learning

I didn't have chance to spin in the last week, but after lots of personal recommendations I finally started watching the Spinning Dyed Fiber Class on Craftsy. I haven't watched it all yet, but so far so good and I have it on great authority that (a) I'll find it all really interesting, and (b) my spinning will be improved as a result. Hopefully that will be evident in coming weeks, especially as I am asking Santa for a wheel! (Thanks for all the advice when I asked for recommendations, it's looking like a Ladybug will be top of my wishlist!)

In the spirit of 'show and tell', for anyone who has yet to try a Craftsy class, I've taken a few screenshots from my iPad so you can see how it works on a device (I sometimes access it using my laptop but prefer the iPad app which is really well designed for purpose). Classes can be watched in full screen mode, or you can minimise the lesson to access lots of other features, take notes, and even ask questions! I find it a really convenient way to learn as it's portable (provided I have wifi or 3G coverage, which is most of the time) and I can watch while doing other things around the house.
Each class includes printable PDFs, which in this case include a handspun beanie pattern, information on colour theory, and lots of different tips and resources to accompany the eleven lessons. (I tend not to print them but to access those from my iPad too, by saving them in iBooks).
If you like to try before you buy, there are lots of free classes which will give you a taster, and the Know Your Wool class is a useful one for spinners. Classes come with a satisfaction guarantee, although I have been really happy with all those I've watched to date (some free and several purchased) so I can't imagine needing it. 

Ok, so it's over to you. If you've already taken this class, what did you make of it? And as usual (except for last week when I forgot which day it was, sorry!) if you would like to add your recent spinning/fibre posts please use the Mr Linky Widget below. If you can't see it on your device, open this page in your web browser. 


  1. That kooks like an interesting and informative class.

  2. I took that class as well! I did not follow along with it but just watching her spin and combine fibers was fascinating.

    1. I'm knitting as I watch and you're right, it's totally fascinating!

  3. I have thought about taking this class, but wasn't sure if it would be applicable with spindling. When you finish it let me know if it improves your spindling at all.

    1. Chrissy, I can already tell you I think it would be useful! I'm learning so much and it's less about the actual spinning than the preparation and use of the fibre. How different prep will spin differently and give a totally different effect in the finished yarn/swatch, how to manage the colours to get the effect you want, how different weights will affect the way the colours work etc.


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