WIPs & Books: Experimenting

WIPs: It's a fun week for WIPs. Aside from the spinning, there have been a few more hexipuffs, the whimsical cowl (from last week) will be ready to show you on Friday, and some new tools arrived - at the moment I'm experimenting with icords and wire.  It's fun!

BOOKS: I've just started reading Time's Echo which was a high-rated recent 99p 'daily deal' and it's enjoyable so far. This week we also bought some new additions for the children's book collection which are too good not to mention. MB is studying dragons at school so we got Dragonology for him - it's full of dragon 'facts' and great illustrations, envelopes with pull-out letters, codes to decipher and so on. I feel sure that other titles from this series will be on his festive wishlist.
How to find Flower Fairies & Dragonology
Of course Little Miss wondered if there was a Fairyology book (there isn't) but I found a perfect and very beautiful pop-up book for her from which she is learning how recognise the signs of flower fairies. The fact that both happen to be set locally in West Sussex is something I didn't realise when I ordered them but which makes them all the more interesting. After reading through them both together and with much awe, pragmatic Little Miss turned to me and said "thanks for getting these books for us, they are brilliant. It's a shame dragons and fairies aren't real". Thankfully her big brother reassured her that the tooth fairy IS real and he should know because he has already lost four teeth. Phew!

There are more WIPs and Books at Tami and Ginny's link parties - enjoy!  


  1. Always nice to see i-cords, wonder what yours will look and I am looking forward to see your cowl.

  2. Icords and wire? I'm looking forward to that :)
    Those kids eh?! Mine are pretty good at keeping the magic alive - it's when they go a little overboard in the effort to do so that things get a little hairy. Some of the stories they come up with are just crazy.

  3. How fun to be immersed in dragons and faeries.


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