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Oh my! I just realised that it's Tuesday and I haven't posted my Spinning Show & Tell yet. (Where did that week go?) In fact, this week's update it more of a 'show and ask'. Here's the 'show' bit - I've almost finished plying the punis I showed you last week...
Spinning Show & Tell
It has been great working from these although I'm not sure my spinning has really done them justice. By the end of each one, I was finding that I'd made a bit of a mess of the last little bit which means that the singles are not as smooth or fine as they could be at the transition points. You live and learn, and this is something I'll be more mindful of next time. 

And now for the big question - if you put a spinning wheel on your Christmas wishlist, which would you ask for and why? And if you were a beginner, would you give the same answer? I love spindling so much I think it might be fun to learn to use a wheel too. Before asking Santa to invest, I plan to visit the local Guild, but would be really interested to hear what you all think.

As usual, there is a link below so you can add your own spinning/fibre posts. If you can't see it on your device please open this page in your web browser. I'll be back tomorrow with WIPs and books, see you then! 


  1. Your handspun is looking so fun! I have only spun on a wheel once, in a class at my LYS. After trying a few wheels there I think that I would ask for a Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel. I am interested to see what you decide.

  2. Price was the most important factor for me in choosing a wheel, especially because I wasn't sure if I'd like wheel spinning and hadn't tried any wheels before owning one. Santa brought me a Babe Production wheel, which is made out of PVC pipe and recycled wheelchair wheels. It is the most affordable wheel on the market and although it sounds kind of weird, it works great. I will likely invest in a different wheel in the future, as the Babe uses Irish tension and I think I'd like some of the finer control offered with Scotch tension wheels, but for now I'm very happy with it. Here's a helpful resources on choosing wheels: http://abbysyarns.com/2008/12/choosing-your-first-spinning-wheelhttp://abbysyarns.com/2008/12/choosing-your-first-spinning-wheel

  3. I absolutely love my Ashford Traditional but I would probably ask for an Ashford Joy because they are a bit more portable and less space-wasting, which in a London flat is really important!

  4. Oh goodness, don't get me started ...
    Firstly, your plying looks great. So tempted was I by your last post I went straight out and bought some rolags from Eaden Yarns too :)
    As for wheels - I've got an Ashford Traditional which is great. It was second hand, cost very little and goes like a dream. But. Now I know some things ... if I had a bigger budget (and enormously large crazy budget) I'd go for a Schacht Matchless. I've never heard anything bad about it (other than people wish they'd got one sooner) and it is THE premium wheel on the market. It's the beautiful wheel that is used on the fab Craftsy video with the Sweet Georgia yarns lady. It sounds so smooth and lovely. But, since I am not coming into large spare amounts of money anytime soon - I would probably earmark a Ladybug, also by Schacht. In fact, I already have. One day (not soon) I'll get one...

    1. That Craftsy class gave me total wheel jealousy, too. I wanted that one so badly!

  5. It looks like barber pole twine but way softer. You go on wishing for a spinning wheel. I'll be putting a private drop spindle lesson at the LYS on mine.


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