Stashbusting Crochet Dog Bed

Archie is a companionable little chap. He likes to be where the action is - even if the only 'action' is peeling potatoes or writing a blog post. In other words, he likes to be at my feet most of the time. He has two comfy beds (kitchen and sitting room) and a den/crate where he sleeps at night (utility room) but will pull his blankets onto the floor at my feet if it means he can sleep next to me during the day. While writing the recent 'stashbusting' post (with him under my chair), I decided to try something with two giant balls of fabric yarn. A couple of hours later, a lightweight bed had been hooked up - something that he can move around easily on his own, but which is far more comfortable than a blanket on the cold floor. 
Crochet Dog Bed
Yarn & 25mm hook from Ingrid Wagner (at The Knitting & Stitching Show 2011)
I started with with a central chain and worked around it to create the desired shape. The yarn is 'thick and thin' so I went by eye to make it the right shape rather than counting the stitches on each side. A trained eye will notice that the stitches are not even all the way around as a result, but overall it works really well. With the addition of an inexpensive fleece mattress (under £5 at the outdoor store) Archie absolutely loves it...
Crochet Dog bed

As I'm under strict orders NOT to dress the dog in knitwear, this is the only thing I've made him so far, but it's unlikely to be the last. Do you make things for your pets? 


  1. I totally agree with not dressing your dog they always look so sad/ uncomfortable .... besides Archie is totally gorgeous 'in the nude" xxx

  2. Is Archie hyper? I know Wire Fox Terriers are high energy. I love it when they lie like that like a dead dog. It's too funny. He is adorable.

    1. Schnauzers aren't really like terriers, they are quite different in temperament which is why they are such great family dogs. He is playful, as you'd expect from a 10 week old pup, but not excessively so. He loves cuddles and playing outdoors and apart from a crazy hour after his final meal of the day, is happy to chew his toys or sniff around in the garden! :D

  3. Aww, how cute! I can't really knit for my cat, I just hope she doesn't try to play with any of my WIPs!

    1. That would worry me too! I have been practicing knitting and spinning with Archie asleep next to me/on my lap so that he will learn to ignore both!

  4. I picked up a book of knitted dog coats once from the library....I reckon if you looked about you wouldn't be able to resist! I haven't made anything for our beagle, but come th very cold weather he does wear a coat thing sometimes as he is short haired.....I did consider sewing a jacket in a tweed on the machine as I reckon he would look pretty cool.....the high- end homemade of dog fashion is big business, but I agree it all can get a bit out of hand. My dog tends to sit on my feet while I am busy, especially when I am cooking or preparing food as he is totally food driven, the company is nice though isn't it.

  5. He really is the cutest hound, and that bed is such a great idea :)

  6. Pet always love it when they have their own private space.

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