Snippets: Hunting for fairies

Autumn leaves
Thankfully the predicted overnight storm was not too bad for us and the sky cleared quickly this morning, leaving a beautiful day which was just perfect for a fairy hunt. This is something we've wanted to do since Little Miss got a book about spotting their signs, and we were not disappointed in the local woods. Not only did we find lots of holes in trees, and hidden openings in bushes, but we are pretty sure this is a house, it even has a window! 
Finding a possible fairy house!
During a closer inspection, my mum moved some leaves and found some actual sparkling fairy dust! We must have only just missed them! Perhaps Archie frightened them off - I don't think fairies like dogs. Little Miss loved our adventure although I overheard her talking to her brother on the way home. She said she thinks that fairies are not real, and everyone is just lying about it. She is a lot like her father.  
Mushroom (with a window) and FAIRY DUST!
On the other hand, My Boy is pretty sure that dragons have also been living in these woods. There were a few places with large areas of flattened foliage, as well as quite a lot of what he thought looked like scorched logs...
Scorched by a dragon?
Dragon hunting is next on our long list* of things to do this half term. Sussex has a history of dragons, and we're going to see if we can find anything interesting. Naturally, I'm planning to wear my Dragon Watcher's Hood. It was finished last week, and is lovely but a little too warm for today's mild weather. It feels like it's turning colder this evening. Fingers crossed!
Dragon watcher's hood
*If you're also enjoying the changing seasons with children, I'd highly recommend the activities and booklets which are available to download from the Woodland Trust Nature Detectives site.

PS The scarf LM is wearing was made recently by my grandmother. 

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  1. Love that pic of the adorable Little Miss. Did you make her cute scarf? Oh my she has such a practical attitude. What a riot.


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