Snippets: The Beach

Beach huts at Goring
Standing on the rocks
Archie's first trip to the beach (and a new friend)
Seaside dog walking.
Yesterday was the perfect autumn day - crisp and clear - so Mum and I took the kids and dog to meet some friends and their lovely dog at Goring-by-sea which is just over half an hour away. It's the first time we have been there despite living here for almost four years. Dog-friendly, easy to park, and absolutely perfect for walking, collecting shells and getting plenty of fresh air before a delicious latte at the café. Little Miss is recovering from tonsillitis and it was just what she needed. It made me realise that we haven't done this nearly enough. Discovering new places is yet another benefit of having a dog.

We were so busy having another lovely (half term) day that I completely forgot to post Spinning Show & Tell. Normal service will be resumed next week (when the kids are back at school) but no WIPs and books today... we're off to explore a forest and Archie starts Puppy School later! Hope you are having a great day x


  1. Replies
    1. The sea is a lovely smell, but I have to tell you that the smells wafting out of the cafe were pretty amazing too :D

  2. It looks like the best kind of day :) Hope you all enjoyed puppy school too.

    1. Thanks Annie, it was great although Archie was the LOUDest pup there!!!!

  3. mmm looks like a lovely day out. I wish we could go to the beach more often, downside of living in the midlands :-S

    1. We haven't done it very often, but having a dog has made the difference!

  4. I love Goring. We used to go when I was little, and I've taken my son several times over the years. I like the fact that there is also grass to picnic on, play football, as well as the beaches. A perfect family day out!
    (And a great café too!)
    You might also like Ferring - a little bit further along the coast - but nice beaches, good place to walk the dog, and another great café!
    Have fun x

  5. That looks so lovely! I adore going to the beach and the weather looks like it was perfect for you! What did Archie think?


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