Fluff and bells

As the craft shelves start to fill up, I find the books are not only used for patterns, but for inspiration too and this is especially true of Woodland Knits. After making the Bo Peep scarf with two yarns held double, I was keen to do the same again and started a fluffy cowl (without a pattern) at the weekend. Some bells have arrived for another of the patterns in the book and, with several to spare, a couple of these will also be included. It's going well. I can't wait to tell you more about it, but it won't be this week as I already have a 'Finished Object' ready for Friday's post.

WIPs & Books - whimsical cowl and The Principles of Knitting

The book (pictured) is the June Hemmons Hiatt classic The Principles of Knitting. A friend loaned me this copy but as soon as it goes back I'll be getting my own. It's the single book I've come across that I think every knitter should have access to. Everything is in there. In fact, just looking at it makes me realise how little I know about knitting! (For the cowl, I have been looking up different ways of grafting the bottom edge. The top edge was a provisional cast on which I used to make a placket for the i-cord and I'd like the edges to match.) As this is a weighty tome which would be handy to access on-the-go I'd consider getting the Kindle edition too if it wasn't so expensive to do so - I am hoping MatchBook will include titles like this! 

In other book-related news, I've finished Where'd You Go, Bernadette which was quite enjoyable but nothing exceptional, and so I'm back to Kate Atkinson and started listening to Case Histories on the walk home this morning. I have enjoyed the last few books by her so much and hope not to be disappointed as I also acquired the paperback from a charity bookshop.

So what have you been making and reading this week? Join in by linking to Yarn Along or WIP Wednesday, or if you don't have a blog, just leave a comment. I'd love some book recommendations.


  1. Such beautiful colors for your cowl. I hope someday to have knit long enough to really understand construction enough to be able to design/free hand knit. For now, I am glued to my patterns. :) Can't wait to see how you use the jingle bells!

  2. That certainly looks intriguing with little bells, really sweet idea. Thanks for recommending the principles of knitting book, it looks like a good solid reference book xxx Penny

  3. I've got the big big principles of knitting book. It is indeed amazing!
    I'm loving your fluffy yarn :)

  4. So smooshy this cowl. I want to see how the I cord affects the look.
    I've been reading another book of Maeve, Tara Road. Still need to get into the meat of it. I need to take a break from her. I had finished a Susan Wiggs book. It was good.
    I finished my nephew's toy and am almost done with my sil's scarf yippee! Made good progress on my flaps as well and my socks are drying and need a photo shoot.


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