Trend-spotting (good news for cable fans)

Autumn/Winter temptation
Because I don't read women's fashion magazines, watch 'light entertainment' shows, or spend much time in high street shops, most "trends" completely pass me by. However it's that time of year when my postman hauls multiple clothing catalogues up the path each day (no escaping the marketeers!), tempting me with the new season's offerings and I am exposed to "fashion" (on a middle-aged, middle-England scale, at least).

As a knitter, Autumn/Winter clothes are of much more interest to me than any others, and in today's catalogues (Joules, Mini Boden and Plümo) I noticed a few 'retro' styles creeping back in. When I say 'retro' I am mostly referring to some of the things I wore as a child and teen in the late 70s/80s, namely cables and Aztec prints. Surely the cables are great news for knitters with fashion-conscious teens and husbands to knit for. I know my Nan would have been delighted if she were still with us - a cable sweater for each member of the family was an annual ritual begun in the New Year, although perhaps not always appreciated.  There are bazillions of cable patterns to choose from just about everywhere.

A quick look online tells me that Aztec patterns are not so widespread - I found this poncho with llamas and a matching earflap hat, but think I'll be giving it a miss   and whilst cables are a classic worth spending the time (and money) to handknit, I personally think that adding the Aztec influence may be best done via smaller statement pieces. 

I found some great inexpensive pieces including earrings, leggings, and several pairs of subtle Aztec-inspired boots as well as a nice bag (in the sale at Plümo!) which should be enough to be 'on trend' without investing too much money or time making my own. I've started adding a few things to this Pinterest board if you'd like to see more.

So the question is, which trends have you spotted and will you be incorporating them into your A/W wardrobe? Or are there any trends you'll be avoiding at all costs? 


  1. My sister was contemplating ordering that very cable cardigan for my niece. However, instead the order has come to her Auntie Jo to make her one. I've knitted a few cabled gloves and hats before and can't wait to get get started. Just need to decide on a pattern.

  2. I've just bought a vintage cable aran cardigan, which I'm absolutely delighted with. It's going to be so cosy during some of my early morning starts! x

  3. I have just written a blog post for tomorrow about how much a loathe the dreary colours of autumn clothes, I am however actively seeking a chunky yellow cardigan - what a shame I'm not the age of teh girl in your catalogue!

  4. Oooh, would you believe it, I'm on trend, I've just finished knitting a cabled hat. I love the mustard colour girls cardi, I think I need to find a pattern, similar, for my niece. Deb x

  5. I think cables are timeless, especially for fall and winter. I wouldn't wear that poplin trend where there is a skirt like part for the waist.

  6. Hahaha. I'm like you. I can't be bothered with women's magazines or trendy TV shows either.

    You can't beat a nice chunky cabled jumper or cardi for this time of the year. The cooler weather just screams Aran knits.


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