On a mission!

Between a weekend of (re-)startitis and the continuing puppy preparations (10 days!) there's a lot happening around here but not much knitting getting done. I have no fewer than six works in progress (there are a few more in hibernation too)...

WIPs & Books: Out of control

...the only thing I've actually been working on? The socks, of course! So simple, portable and relaxing. If you haven't tried 2-at-a-time on one circular yet, you might like my recent picture tutorial.

As for the other things I'm working on, the imminent arrival of our new family member has meant lots of reading (my favourites arThe Perfect Puppy and How to Train a Superpup both by Gwen Bailey) and watching videos with the children so they will understand more about dog-ownership. It has also sparked a major clear-out. Cupboards have been emptied to make space for all the things that should no longer be left out - outgrown shoes have been sold or recycled, clothes have been sorted (some are being 'upcycled' but I'm saving that for another day!) and there are lots of things heading to a local charity bookshop. The kids can look out because the toys are next - I'm on a mission!


  1. PUPPY!!! Exciting, can't wait to see photos. Also, I always love your colours. The sock I'm knitting at the moment are BLACK.

  2. Lovely colors. Your tutorial is very helpful. I have been doing two at a time on two needles. I'll give it another try with your pictures at my side.

  3. What a beautiful collection of projects. I must confess I'm feeling a bit of startitis type symptoms at the moment, I wonder if it's catching! I might see if I can find a quick project to cast on to try to get it out of my system lol

  4. Oh a puppy! That's gonna be fun! With all the preparations you're making and all the de-clutternig you're doing I can well imagine that you haven't had time to knit!

  5. I can't wait to see photos of your puppy!

  6. The fervor of excitement must almost be unbearable as the countdown to puppy ownership is around the corner! I really like that shot with each WIP labeled.

  7. Love a clear out. We've just done a fairly major one ourselves ;)
    I seem to be in a similar boat to you with WIP's, in fact I was going to write all about it today!

  8. So many interesting projects! Even your vanilla socks have an interesting pattern and color.


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