Along came Archie!

There is always a worry that highly anticipated events will not meet expectations. Since we announced to the children that we were getting a pup, we have done a lot of preparation - reading books, watching TV programmes/ training videos and learning about dog awareness. There has been much excitement, and also a couple of concerns - mainly from Little Miss. I'd also been conscious of the possible effect on family dynamics, how a pup would cope in our (noisy) household and how much work would be involved in housetraining. As it happens, I needn't have worried about any of these things.

D and I made the trip to Essex on Saturday morning, and came back with ..... ARCHIE!


He is an 8 week old Miniature Schnauzer, small in size but big in personality. I can honestly say that he has already stolen all our hearts. He's still sleeping for much of the day....

Archie - Mini Schnauzer

He loves his cuddly pheasant and his comfy bed, although he didn't like where I'd put it (convenient spot, not at all in the way) and chose instead to prefer sleeping in front of the washing machine! That aside, we couldn't have asked for a better start. Thanks to an experienced breeder and a lovely mum, he is already housetrained - asking to go out whenever he needs to - and last night he slept through from 11pm until I woke him at 5.45 this morning to let him out. He is very confident and independent and will happily do his own thing while we are all busy, but playtimes are a lot of fun.

I've seen various things about the health-benefits of dog-ownership - how dog-owners have less stress and depression, lower blood pressure, recover more quickly from surgery, live longer, how stroking dogs can release the feel-good hormones and so on - but I think I'd forgotten how good it feels to have a dog. What I'm saying is that I didn't quite realise there was a dog-shaped hole in our family until he came along and filled it.

Expect more pictures. LOTS more pictures!!! (If you can't wait, there is an Instagram tag #archieschnauzer.) I'll be back tomorrow with some spinning - you should have seen Archie's face when my drop spindle was going!


  1. Please keep posting pictures of him, he's so sweet. I wish we could have a dog, as soon as we're able to buy a house we will be getting one. I grew up with dogs and they make a home in my mind :)

  2. Congratulations on the new family member! Since 9 months we've got a dog. He is a cairn terrier. Our first dog ever, he is a joy to have around! It's great to go on a walk with him, it calms me. Hope you'll enjoy Archie as much as we enjoy our Sep.

  3. That video of him just melted my heart, he's adorable! I love dogs, but whilst my life is perfect for one right now, I plan on returning to work in 4 years and I'd hope that any dog I owned would live longer than that.

  4. This is so incredibly cute Sarah, I'm so jealous! Hope you have a fantastic time with him, I am so looking forward to seeing him grow up with you.

  5. Oh Archie is such a dear, just look at him ! We are just loving our Jasper who is now just 12 weeks and they really are such a great addition to the family and change it in ways you don't think. Jasper has been going out on his leash for the last week and a half and he's loving it and between it and play time with the children, which they all love and I'll bet yours do to it just tuckers them right out. Wishing you all many happy doggy filled years.

  6. Yay! I grew up with Schnauzers. Archie is adorable! Keep posting pictures.

  7. Oh he is too gorgeous, how wonderful for you all, I look forward to seeing more of him. Will a little doggy jumper ne knitted sometime soon I wonder? :o) xx Penny

  8. How cute - happy to hear that all is going well, we are going to get a puppy after Christmas and hope it goes as well for us. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing more about him. Enjoy!

  9. Congrats on your new addition! He's so cute and it's wonderful that he has natural ears and tail (here in the US, they frequently have their ears cropped and their tails docked).

  10. He's adorable!! Can't wait to hear more about Archie!

  11. I jut saw your video and died a little!!! He is just so cute and adorable! Fabulous little dog! Xx


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