... is exactly the number of rows left to finish my Dragonfly Wings shawl for the knitalong*.
... is the approximate number of minutes it will take to tink back to the mistake, so I'm going to get on with it. 
... is roughly the number of times I have thought about ripping the whole thing out in frustration and starting again from scratch.
Dragonfly Wings
... is also the exact number of years since I married D.

I read about a couple who had been married for very many years and when asked for the secret of their longevity, replied that it was really very simple: there were times where one or other of them had wanted to get divorced, but those times hadn't coincided. I can relate. Through some of the most stressful times, when it didn't seem we could make it work, it felt that it might be easier to rip the whole thing apart in frustration than to put it right.

When you make a mistake in a knitting pattern,  you can either fix it (properly), frog it (undo it and start again) or bodge it, which is to make the best of the mistake without undoing the whole thing, and carry on, perhaps even using the 'mistake' as a feature (like the M1 increases in my Dragonfly Wings). I suppose what I'm saying is that we've bodged our way to ten years of marriage, and as I sit here in our lovely home watching the children play, I'm feeling happy with that we have cobbled together so far and I hope we can continue to bodge our way through life. Happy Anniversary D xxx

*There are two weeks left in the Pick A Boo! Knitalong, and so it's not too late to join in. Details are here. If you're blogging along, please add your link below. I'm planning to have my finished shawl ready for next week and to show you some of the other gorgeous FOs. Happy knitting! 


  1. Happy Anniversary, I sure can relate to the bodging to, such a great way to phrase it to. We are married 13 years and yes some bodging has gone on and you just weave the mistakes into the cloth that is marriage and learn from them. Hoping Dragonfly wings works out for you and is so near finished.

  2. We're bodging too. A patchwork of memories but that big old blanket we've made together keeps us all together. Warm and safe. X happy anniversary x

  3. Happy Anniversary x

    I think that's the other secret, a marriage is a constant bodge! I married a slightly older man while I was at university and we've been happily bodging for three times as many years as you!

  4. Happy Anniversary Sarah xx

    Yes I think that any good marriage is a bit of a bodge it job. Hubby and I have had our ups and downs. We had a huge bodge a few years back but we just tinked back a bit and have been carrying on ever since. Next year will see our 25th and we see lots more rows of knitting :)

  5. Happy Anniversary!! We are celebrating 10 years tomorrow ... by taking the kids to see Smurfs 2, lol.

    Here is to many more years to come.

  6. Happy Anniversary to you two! 10 years is certainly an accomplishment.
    Will you tink back then?


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