Spinning Show & Tell: Nada

There has been no spinning this week. Nothing. It's suprising to find I'm really missing what had very quickly become a daily ritual of "15 minutes after breakfast" and it's very high on my list of priorities for when our lives revert to the structure of school terms and activities. When I get back to it, my plan looks something like this... 
  • Figure out how to use Christine's drumcarder so I can get back to my raw fleece. 
  • Start knitting a 'proper' project with my handspun - especially after seeing Tanya's Capucine as that pattern has been in my queue for ages.
  • Learn about dyeing - there are a few books on my shelf which haven't yet been opened as they arrived just before the summer holidays and I can't wait to get onto them, but perhaps the practical side will have to wait a while, at least until after the pup is here and settled. 
Spinning needn't be expensive
In related news, one of the local villages held their annual fete at the weekend and I picked up some more "bottle bags" - I've posted them on Instagram previously, but I don't think they appeared here? They are made by a lovely local lady to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Care and Support and she sells them for a very small amount at the local fairs, all of which goes to the charity. They happen to be perfect for hanging my spindles out of harm's way. I can think of plenty of other uses for them too - they would make lovely gift bags and if a little wider would accomodate fibre with the spindles -  perhaps that's something else to add to the list! 

If you've actually done some spinning this week and would like to share your link, please feel free to do so below. 


  1. I love the sound of your plans and new pup arrival!! So exciting :D

  2. OMGosh, I love that pattern too! I'm dying to make one since Fall is around the corner and you know SF weather is.

  3. These bottle bags are a great idea. I love the shape of them.


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