Cwtch-speak lesson 5: Crafting Doldrums


doldrums - noun plural

- a spell of listlessness or despondency
- a state or period of inactivity, stagnation or slump
My yarny-friend Danielle mentioned being in "creative limbo" on facebook today and I can totally relate. On her blog, Annie wrote that in the ebb and flow of knitting, she is in the 'ebb' stage. It's good to know I'm not the only one feeling like this at the moment, although it probably should come as little surprise as the holidays usually have a strange effect on me. This week I simply do not have the inclination for crafting. There are a few reasons for this: 

1. Major distractions. It's been a busy week of puppy preparations - reading puppy training books, watching training videos and organising space for our little man and his things (all purchased, delivered and packed neatly away). By the way, we decided on "Archie" as it's the only name we could agree on.  (Netflix is also responsible for me watching ALL of Breaking Bad in the last couple of weeks - four and a half seasons to date. It's awesome - the best character-driven TV drama that I've seen.)

2. If knitting is 5% talent and 95% lack of interruption* then all might be explained in this point alone. I've managed 'holiday hexipuffs' and my 'Super-long Sleeves' but little else over the summer because I simply do not get uninterrupted time to concentrate on anything more complicated until the evening, when I am too tired (...and watching Netflix!). 

3. I simply don't want to knit my current WIPs. After going as far as to start a second Dragonfly Wings when I couldn't face finishing the first, it succumbed to the same fate - it's currently sitting in a bag and hasn't been touched for over a week. The Pick A Boo! knitalong ends tomorrow and I'm very disappointed that after organising it and seeing so many beautiful shawls, I haven't managed to finish any myself ... yet still can't find the motivation. (I'll show you other people's gorgeous FOs in tomorrow's post by way of apology!) I have a few other unfinished objects, but nothing I want to pick up right now.

So tell me, do you experience the crafting 'doldrums' too? Is it seasonal for you? How do you get out of it? 

* I love this quote from a cartoon which I spotted on a facebook page last week, which was not accredited / no link to the original source. The person who shared it has also posted my own cartoons on her page, in fact with the addition of her own logo on MY drawings (!!! - and neither removed it or added a link back to my site on request), so I am not linking back to the page as it is most likely the work of someone else. If you have seen the drawing and know the original source, please message me so I can link/credit accordingly. 


  1. I've been feeling a bit like that. I think in my case it's a bit of post-holiday blues and just feeling a bit burned out from the children being at home. I'm hoping come September I'll be starting to get back into crafting more often.

    Could you maybe force yourself to do a row of the shawl or whatever WIP you're enjoying least and then once that's done you can do something fun? A row at a time still gets you closer to the end but isn't too much to commit to

  2. Doldrums is spot on! Mine firmly caused by it being week 6 of the hols - I think my brain has given up even making an effort post 4pm (and we've just finished season 4 on Netflix!). I have several larger crochet projects I flit between when in this state, doing a little here and there whilst really getting nowhere. Little projects are good for instant FO satisfaction. I hope yours lifts soon, I'm sure a return to the usual routine and a bit of space to think and reorganise will help no end (I know it will me).

  3. I get crafty doldrums too. However, unlike you and many others, I don't have young ones that I can blame it on. With me I think it's a case that I get burned out 2 or 3 times a year. It usually only lasts a few days and never more than a week. I try to keep different projects on hand so I can alternate but sometimes it doesn't work.

    When that happens I'll immerse myself by playing The Sims 3 or re-designing my blog.

    I'm pretty sure that once your kiddos are back at school and your more usual routine kicks in again, you'll be inspired to finish and come up with new exciting things to knit.

  4. Hmmm…defnitely in the organizing department and a bit in the knitting. I've been a book addict. It's like a thirst I need to quench right now.
    Plus I've been trying to do my part as PTA president.

  5. When that happens to me, I will change craft for a little while. So if I'm working on a large cross-stitch project, I'll pick up a small one, which will give me a 'quick win' and that usually re-inspires me to pick up my existing projects.

    I don't usually have too many projects on the go, so this helps me to also focus on the ones I need to finish. I current have two on the go: One is missing a needed colour, which I need to purchase and the other one is knitting hats for the Innocent Smoothies Big Knit. :)

  6. I think the key is just to switch to something different that is manageable in shortish bursts of time. That's what I've been doing and I'm beginning to feel the tide's on the turn here :)


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