Monday, 22 July 2013

The things that did & didn't happen

My Boy's birthday weekend.
My Boy's birthday weekend.
My Boy's birthday weekend.
Things that happened this weekend: 
  • My Boy turned seven on Friday!!!!!!!
  • In all the excitement, and heat (it's officially a "heatwave" here) he was unwell after school and went to bed without so much as a slice of birthday cake.
  • On Saturday, he recovered in time for the "Birthday Picnic" we'd planned, followed by swimming in a lake (with my sister).
  • Little Miss fell and cut her knee, scuppering her plans to join them. 
  • On Sunday we had another fun-filled fresh-air day which included a visit to Fishers Farm, a swingball tournament (of sorts - we were all terrible!), water play, and lots of laughter. 
  • Little Miss got to wear the Clothkits hat I made two years ago - it finally fits her - she also loved having a captive audience (of parents, aunties and Nan) for her shenanigans. 
  • She finished off the day by being very sick.  
My Boy's birthday weekend.
Things that didn't happen:
  • The deer isn't finished. I'd planned to get it done on Friday and post my FO pictures along with the teacher gift that Little Miss made. Neither happened when the lad was unwell.   
  • I'd just changed needles to start the lace section of Dragonfly Wings (for the Pick A Boo! Kal) when Little Miss called out to me from her bed. It's starting to feel like this "quick knit" is doomed - a fortnight of RSI and then a sick child - it should only have taken a few days.  
  • When I eventually wrote this post, I didn't get to show you the best pictures which involve a complete lack of (the children's) clothing, a hose/garden sprinkler, and lots of running around but it's safe to say the boy had an absolutely smashing birthday weekend. 
  • There hasn't been a hosepipe-ban. Yet. It's just a shame we're on a water meter.
My Boy's birthday weekend.


  1. I'm glad that despite everything your boy had a good birthday weekend....we too have had many laughs watching middle and smallest boy running through the sprinklers.....we too have had sickness, this time big and middle who are now home from school missing their school Picnic with bouncy castle, lots of disappointment, lots of sick....yuck!

    My shawl is achingly slow as my quiet knitting time has gone out of the window for over a week...soooo frustrating! Ah, well school hols start Wednesday! Happy hols!

  2. I'm so glad that despite illness, your beloveds were able to bounce back and have some fun. Seven years! That is just so soon. I love your kids' smiles.

  3. Happy Birthday to the Little Man :)

    We have the water meter blues here too!


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