Spinning Show & Tell: Lazy Kate Version Two

I just love gathering ideas from here, there and everywhere and then putting them together into something else. I've already shown you my 'toilet roll Lazy Kate', and that worked fine with some limitations (mentioned in the original post), but the combination of that with the drinking straws I showed you in another post (which came from Must Stash) has resulted in an even better DIY Lazy Kate, which is now ready to ply Hannah's alpaca/BFL from last week.

Spinning Show & Tell: DIY Lazy Kate v2 - new and improved.

To make your own, you will need:
  • A spindle with a thin shaft
  • Long knitting needles - mine are 35mm needles which came from Red Heart yarns
  • A basket with holes in, which will accommodate the needles
  • Drinking straws which fit over the shaft of your spindle (for at least a few cms)
When the singles are spun, simply pop the straw over the end of the spindle shaft and then gently wiggle the straw up and underneath the cop. If the shaft is tapered and the straw doesn't fit the entire length of the shaft, you can wiggle the cop down over the straw instead (I've done both, and it's easier the first way but not difficult either way). Repeat with the second 'half'* of the fibre.

With both sets of singles on the straws, insert a knitting needle through the hole in the basket, then through the straw and then through the other side of the basket. Repeat with the other needle/straw. Ta-dah, you're ready to ply! 

Unfortunately the mini-skein of yarn I plied on it isn't dry or photographed yet (the summer weather has gone!) so I'll save that for another day.  These singles have been resting since I spun them on Sunday and are now ready to be plied - I can't wait. I'll be away next Tuesday but there will be a guest spinning post along with the usual linky, so keep your eyes peeled and happy spinning!
*I forgot to weigh my fibre and had to guesstimate, hence they are not equal halves!


  1. Try as I might I just can't seem to wiggle my cop off my spindles!! I'll keep persevering, the straw idea is really appealing!

    Your yarn looks beautiful, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished skein :)

  2. I love the colours of your singles. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished yarn.

    I've got one third or my latest fibre on a straw and am almost done the second third. I'm going to try a modified "Lazy Kate" similar to yours to make a three ply. Wish me luck!

  3. Why not, right? The money can be spent on more yarn &/or roving! I like this MacGuyver idea. I think I would use wooden chopsticks, LOL. I did some handspinning last weekend. I hope to post about it today to join up w/you.

  4. I love your fabric backdrop :)
    I'm going to try this with my spindle spinning ... if I can tear myself away from my spinning wheel ...

  5. Whatever works! Can't wait to see the finished skein!


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