Cwtch-speak lesson 4: Froject

Whippoorwill WIP - on my 3rd year of projects list!
fro-ject noun
A knitting or crochet project planned and designed to achieve an aim, but which either has to be completely undone / "frogged" (rip it, rip it), or which requires  stitches (or rows) to be removed before it is possible to continue.
A few rows. That's all I need to undo on this lovely project so I can get on with knitting it. I love the yarn, and the pattern. In fact, I knit too much because I was really enjoying it, so I don't understand why I have put off fixing it for MONTHS. Maybe it's because the error occurred on the low point of what Wink calls the Happiness Curve of this project? Does this ever happen to you? I'm sure I can't be the only one. Either way I need to get back to this 'froject' as it's been carried forward onto my 3rd Year of Projects list which should have been published yesterday. Andy Murray's Wimbledon final scuppered those plans and so here I am, a day late, to tell you about it.

In the first year, I had a simple list of projects to complete. In the second year a list of projects PLUS the overall aim of stashbusting. For this third year, which officially started on Monday 1st July, my aims have developed further and are now in four parts:
  1. Stash-busting. I don't have an extensive stash, but do want to focus on using it up, so this is top of the list. I have enough yarn for numerous pairs of socks, so you should expect lots of those! 
  2. Spinning. Having recently learned to spin, I would like to include a goal of spinning at least 12 skeins of yarn this year. So far I am making more than one a month but realise that this momentum is unlikely to last a year, so I hope this is a realistic goal. As with all the others, it will be reviewed at the six-month point. 
  3. Handspun projects. This is a combination of points 1 and 2 above. I don't want to end up with an ever-expanding stash and so want to make at least 12 distinct projects from my handspun yarn. 
  4. Specific projects. I haven't finalised this list yet as a few patterns need to be added before my next YoP post. So far, there are just a few items which are being carried forward: 
  • Whippoorwill (pictured) must be finished before Christmas.
  • Continue with the Beekeeper's Quilt which is unlikely to be finished this year, but should see significant progress. 
  • Socks for Little Miss (she is the only one who didn't get any yet). 
  • Complete a toy for each of my kids - I have one knitted but not sewn up already and need to knit the second. I plan to do this before Christmas. 
  • I'd also like to write my own sock pattern.
So there you have it. I will be working on other things which are not part of the YoP and for this reason will post monthly updates, unless there is something that can't wait that long. Each of these posts will be clearly marked with the following banner which also links to the Ravelry group when clicked. 
If you are interested in joining the Year of Projects, it's not too late - simply list your crafty intentions for the next 12 months and then blog along with your progress. Head on over to Ravelry for more information and the list of other participants. 


  1. Whippoorwill looks stunning in that yarn ! Love the list and looking forward in partiuclar to seeing the spun yarn and also the designed socks !

  2. Whippoorwill looks amazing, I love the yarn you're using, and I can't wait to see it finished. I'm also doing a bit of spinning this year, I look forward to seeing what you spin up and make!

  3. I daren't. It's bad enough already :)
    Have you got Cookie A's Sock Innovation book? Brilliant resource for sock pattern drafting methinks.

  4. I love the colors of the Whippoorwill. That is going to be stunning when done. Great list too. Looking forward to watching your progress this year.

  5. The colours in that yarn are gorgeous,I'm looking forward to seeing the Whippoorwill finished. Also looking forward to seeing the finished socks and toys.

  6. Great, solid goals. Froject is a clever word as it has made its acquaintance with all of us.

  7. I love the word fro-ject. I'm sure that it'll start to feature heavily in our yarn filled lives.

    Your Whippoorwill is looking fabulous. I just love the rainbow effect of the colours.

  8. I love how you call it a froject; I can totally relate! ;) We really have got knitting/crocheting down to a science, don't we? ;)

  9. It's beautiful yarn so hopefully frogging it isn't too painful. I'm going to have to start using the word froject now. It's brilliant!

  10. Wow that's bright! Sometimes I put things off until I can entirely wrap my head around how I'm to fix it. And sometimes it's just 'cause I've fallen in love with some other project :)

  11. Nice list, love the bright colors. Good luck with our year of projects.
    YOP It's Sunday and we've off on a new year

  12. Oh--I so get Frogect! Story of my life! Your yop list looks great and it will be great fun following your progress. I sure love our group!


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