Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A rainbow, some antlers, a drinking straw and the humans

Yes, the title is a little unusual for a WIPs & Books update, but you will see that it's perfectly apt considering the things I've been working on this week ...
Whippoorwill (Kauni EQ Rainbow), spinning & a decoupage deer head
Whippoorwill - it's no longer a "froject" and now has two eyelet rows and some wavy bits - hooray! I love this yarn and the simple-yet-effective pattern so much and my level of motivation is very high, which is a shame, as I have had very little time to knit it and each row takes a while now that there are almost 500 stitches. Luckily it's far too warm to wear it - it's too warm to KNIT it, really - so having patience is far easier than it might otherwise be. 

Little Miss and I have almost finished decoupaging a papier maché deer head from Homecrafts (you may remember we did a couple of little reindeer at Christmas, although I can't find an FO anywhere!)  I'll be sure to show it to you on Friday... if I can decide where to put it! 

Each Tuesday I host Spinning Show & Tell (my own updates and a link to add your spinning posts) and so it doesn't often get mentioned on Wednesdays but also pictured are the singles I spun last night, safely stored on a drinking straw ready to ply in a few days.

Tonight is our monthly book club and I'll get to discover what everyone thought of The Humans by Matt Haig. This book was first recommended by my friend Karen, who wrote a very poignant review on her blog. I really loved it too, and despite sounding quite ridiculous (an alien being is sent to kill a Cambridge mathematician who has solved an 'unsolvable' equation which will cause a leap in human development they are not ready for) found it to be very thought-provoking, touching and quite unputdownable.  This is a typical example of the alien viewpoint, after being arrested for nakedness:
Humans, as a rule, don't like mad people unless they are good at painting, and only then once they are dead. But the definition of mad, on Earth, seems to be very unclear and inconsistent. What is perfectly sane in one ear turns out to be insane in another. The earliest humans walked around naked with no problem. Certain humans, in humid rain forests, mainly, still do so. So, we must conclude that madness is sometimes a question of time, and sometimes a question of postcode.  
I have added so many highlights to this book, I'll be coming back to re-read the snippets that particularly appealed for a long time yet.  I have more books to tell you about but will leave those for another day. Tomorrow it's the Pick A Boo! Knitalong, and in the meantime you can visit Tami and Ginny for more WIPs and books. 


  1. ooo looking forward to seeing both the shawl and your deer head :-)

  2. Whippoorwill looks gorgeous, but I hear ya about being too hot to knit. Funny to hear of all your highlights in your reading - I'm having the same experience with a book I've got on the go. It's almost hard to make any forward progress because I keep pausing to re-read bit and the read them aloud to my less than thrilled husband :)

  3. A drinking straw? Genius! I love the rainbow yarn. Such a great colorway.

  4. What a thought provoking book. You are too funny with the MacGuyvering of the straw to hold your handspun.

  5. That looks like a very interesting book, I've added it to my wishlist. L, B and I are planning some decoupage for the summer, I wonder what they will choose...

  6. Lovely Kauni yarn and I like your deer antlers!

  7. Your shawl looks amazing, it is too hot to knit I agree. Perhaps that is why my progress is slow recently. The book sounds very thought provoking thank you for sharing.


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