Thursday, 9 May 2013


It's been a bit quiet around here, hasn't it? I'd love to tell you it's because we have been off doing exciting things, but the truth is the children and I were hit by a nasty stomach bug and I haven't even thought about knitting, blogging or spinning since Monday. Little Miss has been better for the last couple of days and the lad and I are just about getting there.

Yesterday, with LM at pre-school and then out with a friend (she left me a picture and they brought home flowers!) I had a whole day of cuddles with My Boy. We spent the morning in bed -  ok, I slept through most of it - but each time I stirred he was there, kissing my head or rubbing my arm. He was "looking after" me. In the afternoon we snuggled on the sofa. No need to talk, just 'being' with one another. Despite feeling dreadful, it was great to have this time together.

Sadly, the very minute his sister came back they started bickering (at one another) and grizzling (at me). I am pretty sure they do love each other in their own way, but it was upsetting to see such a marked difference in him when she got home. They are like chemicals - inert and harmless individually but explosive when together. Maybe it will change as they get older. Please, tell me there is hope....


  1. Glad you are all on the mend.
    Perfect way to explain children's relationship though!

  2. I hope you are getting better! That sounds like siblings, I have one sibling that I can argue with lots but I do love her to bits.

    Hope to see you spinning, knitting and blogging regularly soon again!

    1. Thanks Hazel - I'm just getting back to my computer so expect an update soon x

  3. Sorry you've been poorly, but glad you have been "looked after" so well by your little boy. He sounds like a little sweetie.

  4. Get well soon lovely lady
    You know, they are just going to be the best of friends when they are all grown up. One day you will all be laughing about their bickering.

  5. Get well soon! xoxo. Also I've personally witnessed mine and my sister's relationship being more about laughing and less about bickering.

  6. Stomach bugs suck. It was sweet to read how your boy took care of his mama. Always a rivalry goin' on I supposed w/siblings? My brother and I didn't fight much growing up. He was super nice to me until high school. I was the mean one to him when we were kids. My parents always taught us that when they're gone, my brother and I are all we'll have left together.

    1. You know, my mum said that to them before and they just looked horrified :D xxx

  7. Oh dear know the feeling my daughters been off school today poorly! Such a cute little drawing by your child :)

  8. There is hope. Get better soon. Regula

  9. Hope you're feeling better and have a good weekend. I had a volatile relationship with my sister until our teens. Now in our 40s we couldn't be closer :). A bit tough on our mum and dad though! x


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