'Spring' Elements (Shawl Recipe)

THE PROCESS: Since the beginning of April 2012, a few different shawls/scarves have come off my needles and for this one - the tenth in that period - I looked back to determine my favourite things about them all and decided on these:
As part of my Year of Projects stash-busting, I wanted to improvise a shawl which would combine these design "elements" but with a tweak to the shape so that it would sit perfectly around the neck when worn as a bandana, and would be long enough to keep my front warm under an open jacket. So rather than having a triangle with a flat edge at the top, this is in the shape of an arrowhead (like the > symbol - there must be a proper name for this shape, but I don't know it). Because it was cast on just as the first daffodils were budding (and before the subsequent freezing temperatures!) I used a spring-like stashed yarn from Dye Spin Knit called 'Bouquet'. The plan was to photograph it outdoors in a spring meadow, but of course this April we seem to be stuck in winter, so that's not been possible. 

THE RECIPE: the shawl is incredibly simple, but as someone usually asks for a pattern on my improvised projects, I remembered to make a note of what I did. If anyone would like to make a similar shawl, feel free to use this as a starting point.

- 4mm circular needles used to knit flat
- 4ply/sock yarn in two different colours - I used around 20g of the plain cream (yarn A) and 80g of the variegated yarn (yarn B)
- 2 stitch markers, darning needle for sewing in ends

Method: Knit all stitches
  • Using yarn A cast on 2 stitches and knit 6 rows. 
  • After the 6th row, do not turn work. Pick up 3 sts along the side of the work and 2 at the bottom so that you have 7 sts on your needle.
  • SET UP (RS) - K2, YO, KFB, YO, (place marker), K1, (place marker), YO, KFB, YO, K2 (13 sts).
  • (WS) K2, YO, K to last 2 sts, YO, K2.
  • ROW 1 (RS) - K2, YO, KFB, knit to marker, YO, (slip marker), K1, (slip marker), YO, knit to last 3 stitches, KFB, YO, K2.
  • ROW 2 (WS) - K2, YO, K to last 2 sts, YO, K2.
  • Repeat rows 1 and 2 until approximately half of yarn A is used up and then start the stripes, carrying the yarn up the side of the work as you go. As you knit the stripes, continue with the row 1 and 2 instructions as you work.
  • Using yarn B work 2 rows.
  • Using yarn A work 6 rows.
  • Using yarn B work 4 rows.
  • Using yarn A work 2 rows then break off yarn.
  • Using yarn B, continue until the shawl is almost to the desired size or there is enough yarn for approx 3 more rows and the bind off, then...
  • Using colour A work 2 rows.
  • Using colour B work 2 rows.
  • Using colour A work 4 rows then break off yarn.
  • Using colour B work 1 row.
  • Bind off** and sew in ends.
  • Blocking is optional - I haven't blocked mine as I like the smooshiness of the garter stitch, and the 'arrow-head' design doesn't need to be stretched into shape. 
* Incidentally,  Lonely Tree and Color Affection #1 are by far my most worn items.
** I really wanted to knit a picot bind off but it didn't work with this yarn, so I used a crochet bind off with a 6mm hook. Next time I make this, I'm using a plain yarn and a picot bind off!

UPDATE: This is consistently one of my most popular posts! If you like it, be sure to check out my other patterns and recipes as well as my tips & tutorials! Happy knitting! 


  1. It's looking lovely Sarah, fabulous improv. :D

    (I owe you an email now, I haven't forgotten!)

  2. Really great shawl Sarah and thank you for sharing the recipe so to speak, its just lovely in its simplicity but yet so effective.

  3. A beautiful shawl and you have written the pattern for us, that is very generous. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Whatever may force spirng to show up is very welcome. :-)

  5. I prefer shawls that hug my shoulders as opposed to triangles. Love the colors, they are so springy!

  6. It's lovely, the colours are gorgeous, very Spring-like

  7. What a lovely garden-like colorway that is. And kudos to you for designing this using what you had learned from favorite projects.

  8. What a great idea to combine all your favorite shawls...and your "recipe" looks so simple, I may have to try one!

  9. You seem to have brought my dream shawl to life :)
    Interesting what you say about Color Affection though - because it's been tempting me...

  10. That does look grand and lovely (and make sure you add the pattern to Ravelry's database). I may have to venture to this sometime :)

  11. This is such a beautiful project! We'd love to feature it on AllFreeKnitting.com, if you'd be interested. I think our readers would really enjoy it. :)

  12. Hi Sarah, as a beginner knitter wanting to make your lovely shawl in a single colour, do I just keep going until desired size? Am I right in thinking it works from the midpoint upwards and outwards? Thanks so much, Sara (northern nomad on NMs) xxx

    1. Yes Sara - I know I answered you directly on this, but will post again for anyone else reading - just keep going until you're happy with it. x

  13. Hi Sarah,

    you asked about the name of the arrow-head pattern. It is generally known as a Chevron pattern. Normally it would be knitted with multiple repeats, whereas you have knitted on enormous single Chevron...best..janet

  14. Thank you, Sarah, for clarifying the recipe (directions) in the scarf.. I am thoroughly enjoying making it. Ann Marie

  15. Thanks for the recipe, can you tell me the dimensions?

    1. Hi, I don't have it to hand and can't find the measurements anywhere but the centre (along the increases) is about 13" unblocked. Hope that helps?! It's in storage at the moment (over the summer they were all put away) but I will get it out when I get a chance, and update the post.

    2. PS - you can just keep knitting until you're at the size you want.

  16. Love the shawl . . .and your humor.

  17. I'm a shawl-a-holic and love the neckline on this. Plus it's a cary-along to pick up whenever I'm in the mood for some mindless knitting! Now, a question: does the abreviation KFB mean knit into front and back of stitch? I have a blank!

    1. Hi Margaret, yes - it is knit into the front and back of the stitch. Happy knitting!


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