Sunday, 14 April 2013

5 Things About Me

A few days ago, the lovely Libby from Truly Myrtle tagged me in this post. I don't normally join in this type of meme but as I enjoyed reading Libby's 5 things, I thought I'd make an exception. So here are mine.
5 Things about me
A rare pic of me,  my (unlikely) husband, my 'baby' sister, the squabbling siblings, and my Mum
1. I love taking photos but can rarely be found in front of the camera. My mum says I should remedy this otherwise my children won't have any photos of me from their childhood, and that would be pretty sad. She's probably right. I'm trying to be better about it, and not all of my photos have my head chopped off these days. 

2. After loving a US legal drama, I studied Law... and hated it. Being stubborn and determined not to quit, I completed the course and then vowed not to do anything related to it. Having a law degree made it difficult to get any other job which I really needed to pay my student loans and it was luck that lead me to a really great company that I worked with for the next twelve years and where I had lots of opportunity and a rewarding career. I'm glad that I had the chance to go into further education, but if our children don't want to, I really won't mind.  

3. I met my husband online in the days when most people didn't really know what the internet was. We would probably never have looked at each other in a 'real life' social situation - his previous girlfriends were tall and blonde (I'm 5'3") and I prefer short dark men (he's around 6'4" and fair). On top of that he smoked, rode a motorbike and worked for a company I didn't like - all major turn-offs for me. Nowadays he does have a Harley but he hasn't smoked for over a decade and went freelance years ago, although I still think he's too tall, and often refer to him as a giant.

4. My sister was born when I was 13. Because we didn't 'grow up' together and I left home when she was 5, I consider myself "an only child with a sibling". It sometimes feels incredibly difficult to parent two children who are less than 3 years apart, especially as there is so much rivalry between them. Their almost-constant squabbling confuses me and drives me mad in equal measure and I don't know what's 'normal' or how much to interviene.  

5. My mother is profoundly deaf. She wasn't always, so her speech is great, and she lip-reads so well that people often forget she can't hear anything at all. She has nerve deafness which started in childhood and got progressively worse. When I was small she still had some hearing and I always had to speak up and speak clearly which has resulted in my normal volume being pretty LOUD. My family are used to it, but I'm not sure what the neighbours think!

There are so many people I'd like to know 5 things about, I can't decide who to tag so if you're reading this, have a blog, and would like to play along please do so. Leave the link to your post in the comments and I'll pop over to read it. 


  1. I had to laugh - I loved that show too! If only!!!
    Men - the taller the better ;) I think my 5'4" genes needed balancing...
    And kids fighting? Tell me about it....!

  2. Thank you ... proof for my husband and children that my loudness results from living with a deaf family member as a child!

    Fascinating post Sarah :) And maybe opposites attract ... I'm some inches taller than my husband!

  3. I did a post to copy your fantastic one :)
    I'm also a complete failure when it comes to technology and can't figure out how to do a link in the comments- forgive me. I put a hideous URL instead. xoxo!

  4. I love reading these kind of posts! I too studied a vocational degree (dentistry) and loathed it almost instantly. I finished my degree and worked for a while before realizing that a career change in my mid20s was going to be easier than in my mid40s with deep-seated emotional problems. I'm so glad I did as I went on to do something I loved. And my brother was born when I was 17! I absolutely adore the age gap (and him!).

  5. I love this post. And you are gorgeous, get yourself in front of a camera lens more often :-)

  6. You should be infront of the camera more often..beautiful and petite! I finally found my husband on line 18 months ago, he is 6ft 5ins...but I am 5ft 8ins!! My boys are 13yrs apart[now 37&24] so I can sympathise with the squabling thing....youngest used to idolised his big bro!!

  7. So lovely to learn more about you Sarah, you are gorgeous!

  8. Thanks for sharing, it was fun to read these random things.

  9. My sisters are 12, 13 and 17 years older than me, so I know what you mean by "only child with a sister". I have actually slipped up before and said "I'm an only child" and then in the next breath started to tell a story about "my middle sister"...LOL!!

  10. So interesting to read about you. My brother and I are 2.5 years apart and we never squabbled so much like my daughters do. I met my husband online too. He's a bit embarrassed about it but hey, it's the new millennium.


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