Wednesday, 13 March 2013

WIPs & Books: Spaciousness

The knitting project I started at the weekend is finished, I completed the most recently published book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series yesterday (AMAZING!!!) and there's a big empty room where my kitchen should be.

Space is being created for new things.

I've cast on another pair of 'vanilla' socks from my frogged knitalong project  so I have something to keep my hands busy, a stress-reliever. With only half a pair of toes there is little to show. 

Last night I began Moods of Motherhood - a thoroughly enjoyable collection of blog posts and published articles from Lucy Pearce of Dreaming Aloud blog and Juno magazine. It has been on my Kindle for a while following a recommendation and I like it a lot. It's a book one can pick up and dip into as it's arranged in sections, each covering different aspects of motherhood. The sections will be likely to 'speak' to you at different times depending on their relevance to your own journey. Having read some topics in their entirety, and flicking through others, the book would be perfect for a new mother - especially one who embraces aspects of a natural style of parenting (home birth, breastfeeding, co-sleeping etc). Regardless of parenting style, the writing is honest and warm and very easy to relate to: 
"Until you have your own child, held in your heart, your ears are blocked, your eyes are blind to the reality of motherhood. Its pains and its glories. Once you have been there, stood in the body of motherhood, then you can hold hands with every woman who have ever mothered. You know her joys and pains. You are her."  from 'Nobody told me'. 
The emotional range from extreme joy to shouting and wanting to escape, from tender moments to swear words and heartache. It's all there. This is a little treasure of a book I'll be coming back to again and again.

Today's links: WIP Wednesday and (later) Yarn Along. 


  1. Wow, so spacious! - I see the kitchen I am presuming in the other room - what is this nice new space destined to become?

    1. Ah, that's just the little utility room which isn't being changed until AFTER the kitchen is complete - I can't be without both at the same time! :D

  2. Oh my, your kitchen, but you will have a beautiful new kitchen. Luckily you have books and knitting to counteract stress!

  3. I think I would like to read that series. I have heard really great things about it now from several people. Looks like a big house project! Hoping it goes smoothly for you!

  4. I can't wait to see how your kitchen progresses! It's going to be fantastic:)

  5. Look at that kitchen!!! How terribly exciting!

    The book sounds lovely - I have been up to my ears in homebirthing, breastfeeding, babywearing, bedsharing, you name it, for 11 years. It has been a wonderful and empowering journey for me and I feel like I am just starting to come out the other side now with my baby turning 3. Over the years I have really enjoyed reading lots of affirming, real stories of motherhood. This one sounds like it might be just that.

  6. wow that is a kitchen; I can't wait to see it finished!!! That book sounds really good - and I must look up the series of fire and ice books. Have a knitty wednesday xx

  7. Oh a new kitchen - how exciting! I've been wanting a new counter for ages, but Gavin rightly insists that a new counter means new sinks, new faucets, a new back splash and possibly new cupboards. *sigh* He's probably right and that's more than I'm prepared to take on right now. I'm looking forward to being inspired by your reno. Meanwhile I hope you're enjoying dinner out every night :)

  8. Oh a new kitchen, both exciting and stressful, the socks will help you through it no doubt.

  9. That is such a true quote! I always tell ppl, you can like kids and be understanding when it comes to them, but until you take care of one 24/7, will you know the true meaning of parenthood.
    Wow! The room is totally gutted but oh the possibilities.


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