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You may recall my joy at getting a Traveler's Notebook. After a month or so of using it, I don't know how I managed before - it's changed the way I organise my projects and especially my blogging. Here's a little peek inside, so you can see what I mean. 
How I use my Midori Traveler's Notebook for crafting & blogging
1. A zipped pocket contains a few stitch markers, a little needle gauge, moo cards, and any other small bits and pieces I might need. A pair of interchangeable needle tips and a cable will fit in here and I've used it to carry those a few times although they don't live in there all the time. There is also a mini crochet hook attached to the inside cover, perfect for picking up dropped stitches on the go. 

2. I'm a 'pattern scribbler' so in the case of some favourite patterns such as these Vanilla socks the relevant page from my book has been copied and stuck it in, together with my annotations. You can see the ball band from the last pair is stuck on with washi tape - I put it here when casting on so I wouldn't forget the details before logging them on Ravelry. 

3. Planning my own projects (and My Boy's homework, as in the case of the dream-catcher notes pictured) is all done in the notebook and will be fun to look back on. 

4. Personal appointments are managed via an online diary but for planning the blog, a month-to-view diary is perfect. I pencil in any ideas so they can be changed/moved or highlighted when published.

5. If an iPad is to hand then blog post ideas are usually drafted straight onto the Blogsy App but when I'm out and about, I often travel light and I've found my notebook invaluable for jotting ideas and draft posts. It's a great size for carrying in my handbag and I love that I can use it for list/bullet points by writing in portrait orientation but with plain paper it can be turned sideways for longer text, as pictured.

6. When I come across a seasonal project I like, popping it on a post-it or some Washi Tape in my yearly planner is far more effective than trying to remember it! 

Since I originally posted about my TN, I know that several of you were enabled to get your own as a result, it's been lovely to hear about them and I'd love to see how you're using them too. A number of readers have also emailed asking about the inserts/refills I use and so on, so here's the low down. The book and accessories/refills all came from The Journal Shop - super service and fast delivery. I am currently using the Brown Leather notebook with infills 003, 008, 002, 009 (to customise the elastic not for a repair!), 015 and 017

As my interest in stationery is clearly shared, I'll be posting a few more things in the coming weeks that you may like to see. In the meantime, a major project for 2013 has started in our house today - the first workman has just arrived to rip out our old kitchen - eek! I'm documenting the project on Instagram (tagged #swankynewkitchen).


  1. Such a great post, I love seeing how other people organise and your notebook is so cute with all the stuck in bits,washi and colour coding :)

    Where did you find that mini crochet hook? I have a feeling I must have one :)

    Dani x

    1. I have seen some lovely little hooks at fripperies & bibelots

      I can't quite remember where this one came from as it was a Christmas pressie from 2011 but it might have been Atomic Knitting or Tangled Yarn or somewhere like that...?

  2. Oh my goodness - I am a totally stationery geek :) This looks super cute - I'm off to check it out!

  3. Fab idea, I always carry a notebook just in case!

  4. It's funny, I very recently got a personal organiser - I'm still getting used to it, but I'm also a stationery over so I have lots of different notebooks to try out!

  5. I will be honest, I read this post and the first thing I wanted to do was buy one. BUT I already have about a million notebooks so I contented myself with buying a roll of washi tape instead!

  6. This is a very timely post Sarah ... I've been looking at buying one of these for a while. I'm another stationary geek ... Field Notes are perfects for pattern planning let me tell you :D

    (I know you'll email me back when you can, no need to apologise x)

  7. You are so patient to write about in this. I was good back in the day with my organizer, but that was back in college. I can get so anal about my penmanship that I get picky and don't like writing sometimes by hand. And I always think it looks better in pencil too.


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