WIPs & Books: Plodding on & a note on Kindle X-ray

NSSKAL socks and A Dance with Dragons
KNITTING: Simplicity by Melissa Morgan-Oakes
YARN: Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic Degradé
READING: A Dance with Dragons by George RR Martin

It occurred to me that being back to the A Song of Ice & Fire series may well be the reason that D's Never-ending Socks are still not finished, but I'm going to have to start the ribbing soon as there isn't very much yarn left. This is good news as it means they should actually be finished for the final Next Step Sock Knitalong post tomorrow (when I'll also be reviewing the sock knitting book I've been using and showing off more finished projects from other participants).

I'd procrastinated about reading this 5th mega-book in the series after a long break because there are so many characters and so much happening I wasn't sure I'd remember it all, plus this book is parallel in time to the last one. My worry was unfounded thanks to a new Kindle tool called X-ray, which it seems few of my kindle-using friends knew much about when I mentioned it. If you're using an up-to-date Kindle device or a Kindle App on a smart phone, tablet or PC you might find it useful... 
Kindle X-ray
Providing your book is X-ray enabled (most of mine are), selecting this option will display a list of the characters on the current page/chapter/book along with a visual timeline of where they appear throughout the book. On a black and white device like my Kindle Paperwhite 3G the current position on the timeline is underlined, but on a colour device like my iPad there is an orange marker which moves along the timeline as you scroll through the quotes. (I read the same book on multiple devices which are all "whisper-synched" so whichever I pick up, it takes me to the furthest read page.)

Selecting one of the characters will bring up a summary of their profile as well as the quotes about them throughout the book which you can link to directly from the list. I absolutely love this feature and for this kind of book it is so incredibly useful as many characters are known by different names depending on the point-of-view character for each chapter and 31 people are mentioned in this chapter alone - phew!  I really wish I'd had this facility when I was studying English Literature for A-Level.

I know that not everyone likes e-readers or the idea of books being replaced with devices and I was firmly in that camp until I started using one. However I can't tell you what a difference it has made to my reading habits and as I said, that's very much to the detriment of D's socks! 

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  1. Oooo I like my button :)
    Anyhow - back to business... It's about time I got stuck into some juicy reading - I haven't ventured into the world of e-readers although my bookworm son has a kindle and loves it. I am slightly dubious - although after feeling the same about our sat nav and now not being sure how we lived without it before, I'm sure I'll come around :)

  2. The main thing I love about my Kindle is how easy it is to hold and read - it reduces reading to just the words entering your eyes, no faffing, page-turning, holding the pages open! I use it most often when I'm knitting as it sits nicely on my knee and just a tap on the button with the side of my hand turns the page when I'm ready to. I read much more than I used to before I had it as I can now read while doing other things, such as knitting or crochet.

  3. I have this series but have it in paperback form, some books I just want to hold the book for and my kindle just doesn't do it lol, weird I know ! I do love my kindle though for reading while knitting and feeding the little one so I'm ever so pleased I've put my reading back up there in recent times.

  4. I love those colors. Some of my favorites :)

    Here's my post:



  5. Love the colors of this yarn. Does it feel nice?Thanks for the information about the series, I've seen the first season on DVD, and I think I will like to read the books. I.ve not a clue what a kindle is, but hey, I do use a 10 years old phone, and only because I used to drive a lot. Groetjes, Gerda

  6. The colours of your yarn is absolutely gorgeous, I want some! Thanks for the explanation about the xray feature. I've never used it and didn't know what it did. Like you I thought I wouldn't be a convert but I am. I still read paper books but there's such a great choice on the kindle and it's lighter to carry than a normal book.
    Ali x

  7. Ooooh fabulous colourway. I've never heard of the x-ray feature. I have an older Kindle with the keyboard. Maybe it's not available for that version. Either way it's a fabulous thing to have. I've not read the books as yet, I'm quite content with watching the TV series for now. Can't wait till the end of March when it's back on our screens again.

  8. The yarn is lovely! Can't wait to see the socks finished.

    Here's my WIP: http://mibruno.com/en-proceso-78/

  9. Wow what a great Kindle feature! I'll have to see if my Kindle Fire has that?! One of the reasons I get tired of certain books is that it's so hard to keep up with characters! I used to make a bookmark with names and a few key items to keep track - especially classics with lots of characters!

  10. What a useful and neat app.


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