Snippets: Things I learned this weekend

Jo & Steve's wedding. Feb 16th.

Jo & Steve's wedding. Feb 16th.

Jo & Steve's wedding

Jo & Steve's wedding
  • It is advisable to include a HUGE contingency when planning trips into London, especially when you have a very strict deadline... such as being the first 'reader' at a wedding.
  • It only takes two ambulances and a police car to completely block/close a road, and to thereby invalidate your original contingency margin.
  • Arriving somewhere by the skin of your teeth can give you quite an adrenaline rush - especially when the coach starts to pull off before you are in it.
  • Not all coach drivers know the shortest route from A to B (where A = a hotel, and B = a wedding venue). This can be particularly worrisome for a Mother-of-the-bride.
  • It's advisable to check new clothes for labels BEFORE sitting at the front of a room full of people *blush*.
  • Seeing a friend of 27 years in her amazing wedding dress can bring even the hardest people to tears. It can cause certain individuals to, and I quote, "re-evaluate the tissue situation". Meanwhile, it can turn a softy like me into a blubbing wreck. 
  • Eyelash glue isn't tear-proof.
  • It is possible to read to a room of people when overcome by emotion... but you're likely to make others cry and to be reminded of the "moment your face completely crumpled" many times throughout the night... by everyone you speak to, including those you have never met before. 
  • Every party should have a photo booth and a box of props. 
  • It's possible to carry three glass jars of flowers in only two hands - but falling asleep on a coach while holding them may result in a wet lap. 
  • If it takes half an hour to put your hair up, expect it to take twice as long to locate and remove all (bazillion) clips at the end of the evening, after a glass or two(-dozen) of wine. 
  • Given the opportunity to sleep-in, parents who are used to being woken early will probably still wake up before 6 am even though they are staying in a very nice hotel and do not need to get up for hours.  
  • There's nothing quite like seeing one of your favourite people so very very happy with her gorgeous new husband. Massive congratulations to Jo and Steve - that was a truly magical weekend xxxxx


    1. That's a lovely post! I almost cried and I wasn't even there! I swear motherhood has made me even softer than I already was!

      1. Oh I am the same - I spent the first 6 months of motherhood spontaneously bursting into tears and it isn't much better 6 years on! It was very funny when Rachel declined my offer of a tissue and then 2 minuted later was crying too!!!!!

    2. So beautifully written. Heavens! I felt I was there. Your friend is a stunning bride--so nice to be reminded of happiness in this troubled world we live in. How utterly wonderful that you were able to be a part of her special day.

      1. Oh thank you Kim - it's so nice of you to say that - I was wondering how to convey the day without being overly sentimental. It was wonderful and I was very proud to be part of it - I love Jo like a sister and am incredibly happy for her xxx

    3. What a gorgeous lump in my throat reading it post! It's a really moving thing isn't it? Really enjoyed that read. Lovely fun photos! Stunning bride, beautiful dress and your love for your friends is tangible.

    4. Such a lovely post, you really showed your love in your words. Congratulations to the beautiful bride and her husband.

    5. Olá,
      Lindas fotos e belo texto!!!

    6. What a beautiful and fun adventure!


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