Next Step Sock Knitalong: The Penultimate Update

So we have one more week to go and I have managed to do half of the first heel on D's socks. I am not enjoying this project - they are big, I don't really like the pattern and I have lots of other things I'd like to cast on. I'm really hoping to have them finished for next week's final KAL post which will include some of the other lovely (finished) socks.


If you're still knitting- and blogging-along, here's this week's linky. Please link back here so your readers can find the other participants too. No knitting for me today - we're off to London.


  1. I've had a scarf like that: boring, too long and getting in the way of other stuff I wanted to knit. I hope they grow fast for you! The yarn is lovely though.

  2. That yarn is really gorgeous!
    I really hope I finish mine for next week!! But it's just because I would like to cast-on a different pair!!

  3. i finished my dangerous turns, but I managed to miss a pattern repeat. but they fit so well I'm trying to decide if I can live with the mistake.

    great pattern though.

  4. I'm late I know opps, I do like the colours in the socks and am sorry to hear they long and boring nothing worse so wishing you the best to get them done for next weeks final post...I'll be lucky to have one finished sock !

  5. Mine are totally dragging too! I love the yarn you are using, the colours are lovely!

  6. Great colours playing out. As much as I love that I have learnt a new skill. I am seriously b-o-r-e-d...I'm needing something fast and satisfying to make...I do hope I am going to finish mine soon.

  7. LOL! This post made me laugh. We love our tall husbands but dang their clothing sizes can be big, yeah? I told my man that I will never probably knit him a sweater b/c an XL like one would take forever. Thank goodness tho he only wears lo-cut socks. This colorway of your hubbie's socks is amazing.


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