Next Step Sock Knitalong - Day 22

Happy Valentine's Day! This is a very quick update as it's a manic Thursday around these parts, what with one thing and another. Sadly there is very little progress to show you on D's socks as I have been preoccupied making Hilda, Hilda 2 and Mini-Hilda - the pattern/recipe will be available tomorrow.  I'll show you the socks next week when it might look like I've made progress.

After seeing the various finished socks appearing and discussing options for blocking socks / making sock blockers, I wanted to mention these handmade wooden blockers which arrived this week from
Sock blockers from
Prices start from £11.70 and there is an option for a custom size if you have especially large or small feet. If you make a lot of socks, especially if you favour lacy designs that really benefit from blocking, I think these are a great option (and I love supporting craftspeople who make this kind of product!). 

Ok, so that's it from me, but here's the link for all the other bloggers and I know there are some fab finished objects out there this week so please pay them a visit:


  1. I've been looking for cheap sock blockers, but here in The Netherlands they aren't available! I was thinking of asking my dad to saw this shape out for me and then i could sand it down etc. Might be a fun project!

  2. That's a great price :)
    Mr Myrtle made me some sock blockers last year. I drew the shape on some plywood and he cut them out with his jigsaw and sanded them down. Perfect, although not quite as pretty as yours :)

  3. Thanks for the link , I've been looking at getting some and like to supportother craft people

  4. I've been thinking about sock blockers ... I should be able do make them myself ... someday ... :-)

  5. I love the rustic look of your sock blockers! I think these wood-looking ones are the best rather than the plastics.

  6. Thank you for the link, I've been wondering where to buy some from, I didn't want to buy plastic. I love your poster !!!! Enjoy Valentine's Day. X

  7. Great doodle!!
    Those sock blockers look brilliant, I'll have to have a peek at them. I completely agree with supporting crafts people!!

  8. The Valentine's card is ace! Thank you so much for the KAL, I had a ton of fun during it!

  9. Thanks for sharing those sock blockers, I've been wondering where to get some x

  10. I succumbed to temptation and ordered some of those blockers... make sure he knows where his flood of new orders is coming from ;)


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