Hilda: Vintage-inspired Headwrap

Hilda is a simple multi-textured head wrap, made in one piece. It can be worn in several ways by altering the bow position and doubles as a headband and ear warmer. The inspiration for this came from my love of wearing vintage scarves as headwear, combined with a smidge of Minnie Mouse. I like to think of it as a functional piece of kitsch. 

The headwrap is designed to be a bit stretchy - it should be worn snug without being tight. My head measures  56cm (22")  and this would fit larger or smaller heads as it is tied. Before starting you should measure your head where you'll wear it - there is flexibility but  if your head is significantly larger or smaller than mine, you will need to add or remove rows from the central moss stitch section to ensure a good fit. My gauge = 6 sts and 5.5 rows per inch in stocking stitch. If you are making this for a child, sections A and C are the same, but there are less stitches and repeats on the central band (section B). 

- Approx 30g of Aran, or a bit less of worsted or DK yarn. The multicoloured version is Aran and the red one is light worsted (more like DK), both followed the same instructions - just be sure to try it as you go. 
- 5mm needles (US size 8)
- tape measure 
- tapestry needle 

- Casting on and binding off
- Increasing by knitting and/or purling into the front & back of a stitch
- Stocking Stitch
- Moss stitch
- Decreasing using SSK and k2tog
- A little bit of sewing 

SECTION A (half of bow)
  • cast on 2 sts
  • KFB both stitches (4sts)
  • purl the next row
  • KFB, knit to last st, KFB
  • purl row
  • repeat last two rows until there are 10 sts on your needle
  • work stocking stitch until work measures 6cm (or longer if you want a bigger bow!)
  • SSK, knit to last 2, K2tog
  • purl row
  • repeat last two rows until you have 6 sts on your needle
  • knit stocking stitch until the work measures 13cm as in image #1

SECTION B (band)  - NB This is the moss stitch section and as we are increasing the right side rows, it is necessary to pay attention on the increase stitches so that the k1, p1 stitch pattern is maintained.
  • k into front, yarn forward and p into back of first st, moss stitch to last st, k into front, yarn forward and p into back of last stitch (8 sts)
  • p1, k1 to end
  • p into front, yarn back and k into back of first st, moss st to last stitch, then p into front, yarn back and k into back of last st
  • k1, p1 to end
  • repeat in this way until there are 16 sts on your needles and the work measures around 17 cm (for a child, until there are 10 stitches). If you would like a wider band continue increasing, but otherwise continue to knit the central moss stitch section until the work measures approx 57cm (for a child approx 47cm or until the ends of section B ALMOST reach around the head). The moss stitch section should now be almost long enough to go around your head.
  • on the next row, knit the first and last two stitches together ensuring that the moss stitch pattern is maintained ie if the first st is a purl, knit2 tog, p1... and if the first st is a knit stitch, p2tog, k1 etc... (14 sts) (8 sts)
  • moss stitch
  • repeat these two rounds until there are 6 stitches on the needles

SECTION C (half of bow) - *TIP* This final section should be a mirror image of section A - ensure they do actually match by comparing them as you work the following:
  • revert to stocking stitch and knit until this section is the same length as the corresponding part of Section A 
  • KFB, knit to last st, KFB (8 sts)
  • purl
  • KFB, knit to last st, KFB (10 sts)
  • purl
  • continue with stocking stitch until the corresponding area of section A starts to decrease
  • SSK, knit to last st, K2tog
  • purl
  • repeat these two rows until only 2 sts remain
  • cast off 

TO MAKE UP: NB If you intend to wear the bow underneath your hair at the back, you may prefer not to sew sections A and C into a structured bow - in this case, just sew in the ends. 
  • Fold over the tip of section A and C and sew along the sides of the bow as in images #2 and #3 - the 'stem' should be stitched loosely.
  • Tie a knot as per image #4 ensuring the two sides of the bow are sitting well before tightening
  • You're done. Embrace your inner Hilda with joy - lipstick is optional! 
I hope you enjoy making and wearing your own Hilda. Please link your projects and pictures to the Ravelry project page so that I can take a peek, and link to this page if you blog about it. If you use Instagram, there is a #hildaheadwrap tag too. If you like 'Hilda' you can find more of my patterns here


  1. Very cute. I'm a great fan of moss stitch.

  2. Ooo it's fab! Might have a go at some at the weekend for my girls :-)

    1. Blogged :-) http://thesoaringsheep.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/fo-friday-headwrap.html

  3. Aww your daughter looks lovely modeling her Hilda :)

  4. That is so adorable. Its very Rockabilly. Which is a compliment I promise.

    1. Well I love the Rockabilly look so I take it as a huge compliment - thank you!

  5. Wow! Thanks for this adorable pattern!

  6. Lovely! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

    Here's my FO: http://mibruno.com/terminado-35/

  7. So cute! Thanks a bunch for sharing the pattern with us all.

  8. Super cute. I think I might have to make a matching set for my sister in law and my niece :)

    1. Well this is how I ended up with the child sized version - she kept looking at mine ALL THE TIME until I offered her one! I hope they love them as much as we do :D

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