YOP Update #19: Socks for My Boy

PATTERN: Sample Socks from Toe-Up 2-At-A-Time Socks
YARN: Patons Colourful Twist 

One more item has been crossed off my Year of Projects list this week - the 'sample socks' turned out to be "something for My Boy". The yarn is pretty but not really suitable for socks - it just seemed sensible to use larger needles and thicker yarn to make them useable - they make good bed socks or welly warmers. It's been really cold this weekend so they turned out to be perfectly timed.

Making a small and simple sample before the Next Step Sock Knitalong was very worthwhile - it's the first time I've made socks this way and it's given me the confidence to tackle a more interesting pattern now the "2 at a time" element has been de-mystified. And so begins the process of deciding which pattern to use for the KAL which starts on Thursday - there are 16 patterns to choose from  in this book and all look great. I already have sock yarn so the knitalong will also double up as a YoP stashbuster project - I love multi-tasking! There are some lovely 'YoPers' in the Knitalong Ravelry Group already, if anyone else fancies joining in it would be great to have you. 
(Click the image to visit the Year of Projects Ravelry group)


  1. YAY! So glad you tried them this way. They're not as scary as the first appear :) Super cute and super cozy! Good job xxx

  2. They look toasty - great timing! Congrats on cracking a new skill :)

  3. ooh those are super cute socks, I love the colours. Have a knitty sunday xx

  4. Really cute socks and I like the idea of them being thicker for wellies, must keep that in mind. Does the knitalong have to be with newly cast on socks or can wip suffice, just trying to decide what to do and have two pairs that need finishing and I'm not the quickest sock knitter but there's no time limit right ?

    1. Hi Ruth - it's up to you. The idea is to make the 'next step' for YOUR personal sock knitting skills - if you're a person who never finishes socks, and your next step is finishing a pair of socks you have on the needles, then why not? And there is no time limit. I'll be blogging about mine on Thursdays in Feb but the group will be on Ravelry permanently. Hope that helps xxx

  5. Oooh they do look toasty warm. Just what is needed with the weather being so cold :)

    I now always knit my socks 2 at a time. It's so satisfying knowing that you'll end up with a pair, rather than just one :)

  6. They are darling and do look warm and toasty! I th ink I'll join your Ravelry group so I keep going with the socks. My next pair will be like the last (first) pair in order to reinforce the basics plus I already have the yarn but the next pair will definitely be Hermione"s pattern as I love Ruths! I'll go join! Thank you!

  7. Very cheery house socks! I need some warm thick socks just like that. Your KAL sounds tempting but I am seriously over committed now! I have to keep my head down and keep digging myself out!

  8. I have yet to try socks two-at-a-time. Right now, I'm content doing one-at-a-time on two circulars. The only thing is that I have to keep copious notes so I make the second one the same. Oh well :)

  9. I love thick socks..especially for inside snow boots and over slighter one's.. I generally have on 2 pair. I will check out your KAL.. I'm terrified of socks..well, not socks..not dpn's either.. it's just..cowardice I guess!

  10. They look great. Cool photo too!

  11. I want a pair. I've not heard the term willy warmers before. Though it made me laugh saying it. Thanks for the visit and comment, appreciate it.


  12. You were so smart to start another KAL. I was unable to join in the others, but this one is up my alley as you know I love socks. A KAL is a fantastic enabler for us crafters b/c then we have an excuse to try a new pattern despite what's already in the works and even buy new yarn.
    I love the idea of these sample socks being whatnyou call wellie warmers! So cute and really a great idea since I know wells are more spacious in the foot than regular shoes.


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