Wednesday, 2 January 2013

WIPs & Books: New things for a new year

January has brought with it a rush of enthusiasm and ideas... and the indecision of which to do first! The result is that I feel another bout of Startitis coming on. If you follow my Pinterest boards you will have seen a lot of activity over the last few days and this is usually the first symptom. The next is making a complete mess in the Cwtch while I search for the right yarn/ fabric/ glue etc, quickly followed by casting on / cutting out numerous things that will probably never get finished. Like Metalouse.  

WIPs and Books 3rd Jan 2013
I started this attractive pattern by Stephen West just before Christmas. Then it vanished behind a table when D "tidied up". Four days later I eventually found it and in a session that involved picking-it-up-putting-it-down numerous times, started the second section before realising there are too many stitches. It needs ripping back, but I have lost interest when there are so many other NEW things to start.

The jar is the basis of something you may have seen on my Facebook page. It's a way of recording a snippet of each day this year - either a memory to treasure, something funny that's happened or something to be grateful for. The idea is to open it on December 31st to look back on good things from the year. Come back on Friday for the ta-dah.  Edit: my glue has dried up so it'll be next week :( 

My new Kindle has been in daily use. Since Friday's post I've read The Half-Life Of Hannah by Nick Alexander and am 53% through When God Was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman. I felt so strongly about  the hours wasted on The Half-Life Of Hannah I submitted an Amazon review:
There is a line in this book which says that a conversation was like something out of a dodgy script and that perfectly summarises this book for me. After all the rave reviews on Amazon I downloaded it and by the time I got to 25% through the book I really wanted to stop but felt I would miss whatever it was that made for such great feedback. The same happened at 50%. I really should have stopped then... What a waste of time.
The book consists almost entirely of inane dialogue from a cast of complete caricatures - the wild sister, her promiscuous gay best friend etc... - there are less than a handful of "profound" statements which I can see have been highlighted numerous times. I'm guessing those must be the parts others have found so enlightening. A fortune cookie might have provided more insight but saved several hours.
Thankfully When God Was a Rabbit is much better. I'm really enjoying it so far and will tell you more when it's finished. 

My final WIP is the blog itself. After the recent re-design (thank you for such lovely feedback) there are still a few things to do such as rewriting the pages that were removed, including the Useful/Tips links. Hopefully they will be ready next week... if I can just stop reading! 

Today's links: WIP Wednesday and the Yarn Along


  1. Love the purple yellow combination, sorry you have to frog it and have lost interest. I saw the jar idea too, though on Facebook. I really don't get Pinterest. I started an account but couldn't seem to get what I wanted on there without all the junk others put on there that I don't haven't even looked at it in MONTHS.

    Leaving link here, can only find generic google as an option for signature?

  2. Ooophs hit publish too quickly, here's the url

  3. The colours are gorgeous! But I know the feeling, there are too many lovely projects just waiting to be cast on...

  4. You can only knit when you are "feeling it" or things just won't go well! I do love the colours though, and maybe you will get back to it when the time is right. I love the jar idea, it is great!

  5. the colors of that project look lovely. :) and we are doing the jar as well. ;)

  6. I love the yarn you're knitting with. I've started a jar just like yours and looking forward to seeing it filled to the brim at the end of the year. I wish the same for your jar!

  7. I love the colours you are using, shame that you a ripping it back :(
    I love the jar idea!

  8. Love your book review - I hate struggling through a book to find why other people loved it so, reviews like yours help me winnow it down ;)

    Loving the new blog design, very user friendly and cute :)

  9. It is such a bummer to be excited about a book and only find it doesn't suit your tastes or more pointedly as I would put it, sucks! I'm the type who will trudge on, like with Sarum, b/c I paid for that dang download. I'm so hesitant to buy books unless I know the author's work.
    Inkjet might start that jar idea for this year with my girls.

  10. It's a pity to hear that you've lost interest in that shawl - the color combinations you choose for it are gorgeous!


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