Wednesday, 30 January 2013

WIPs & Books: Misgivings

Since Friday I've been trying to ignore the feeling in my gut that I'd have to rip out the socks I started for the Next Step Sock Knitalong. I'm making Tuscany in the bigger of the two sizes which (according to the measurement of my foot and the gauge I'm knitting at) should have been the right one. They are enormous. I think there is only one realistic option, which I'm still trying to deny..... come back tomorrow for my weekly KAL update - I'll let you know what happens. 

As for reading, I finished 'Fremont' by Elizabeth Reeder last Wednesday evening and it was good. Beautifully written, lots of wonderful imagery and interesting characters/ interplay - but after taking so long to get through it, I admit to rushing the end. It probably deserves a second chance at some point and as a result I don't feel I can do it justice in a few sentences. 

The plan was to move onto A Song of Ice and Fire series - A Dance With Dragons (book 5) but that's a mammoth two-in-one tome so it seemed a good idea to slot a quick read in first, and I started The Woodcutter by Kate DanleySo far so good - the characters are familiar from the fairytales of my childhood but this is a tale of murder and mystery - which the Woodcutter of the title (a peacekeeper of sorts) must solve. The short suspenseful chapters no doubt make this a really quick novel... if only I'd had chance to read it. 

On that note I must fly - there is much to do between hitting the 'Publish' key and the mad dash towards 3pm! Hope to see you tomorrow when you can catch up with all the other people's wonderful sock progress, and perhaps offer some sympathies for mine...
Links for today are: WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along.  


  1. I'm 5 rows into an afghan that I'm pretty sure I'm going frog and start over with a different pattern. Sigh....


  2. I am not sure about my KAL socks either :( The yarn is beautiful and the pattern but I don't think they do each other justice . There may be a frogging tonight!

  3. Actually, I have become a sock myself. Nothings wrong with the gauge because I always use 3mm needles and 60 stitches. :-)

  4. I really like the colour of your socks, hope you manage to work out the size problem :)

  5. Ripping out is annoying, but continue with something you know it's not okay is much worse. Good luck with whatever you're doing.

  6. Ooh that is my yarn along book too, nearly finished it and wish I hadn't! **And I'm knitting socks too, one at a time so I know one fits ;) Better to rip back now than when you've further on....

  7. ooh such pretty socks, I love them!! Have a knitty wednesday xx

  8. Beautiful colorway you're using...hope you figure things out and don't have to, well, you know... :(

  9. is it wool? maybe you could felt them? the yarn is lovely anyway.

  10. They are very pretty, I hate frogging, but am usually glad I did.

  11. Oh, shoot. I hate having to rip. :( On the bright side, it does mean you get to knit more. :-D

  12. The yarn looks so pretty- such a bummer that you might have to rip!

  13. What yarn are you using? It reminds me of the rainbow sherbet crystals that I used to get on weekends as a kid. Ripping back is a nightmare but I always regret when I don't and it's not right at the end.

  14. I'm sorry these toe up socks didn't work out for you this first round especially when you were so stoked about them. Everything is a learning process so it'll work the next time around.


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