Elf Antics Week 2 - Unexpected changes

Since George came to stay with us on December 1st there have been some benefits that I couldn't have imagined...

Most importantly, the children are BEING NICE TO EACH OTHER! I should make it clear that this is not because they are worried George is telling Santa about their behaviour (that aspect hasn't really worked) but because they have this exciting amazing thing in common - they are in it together.  They are having so much fun together they have forgotten to bicker! 

Whoever wakes first waits for the other (this generally means My Boy is staying in bed later - something we have been trying to encourage for a very long time), and they hurry excitedly downstairs together to find where he is hiding. Once George has been located, they find the gift he has brought for them (from our book advent calendar) and they TAKE TURNS each day to open it. For 3 years there has been a massive power-struggle between the children, with My Boy desperately trying to be in charge of everything and do everything first, bigger, better.... Not now. He is just as excited when Little Miss gets to open the book and will happily sit and read it to her. Most days there is one book which they SHARE. Sharing is another thing that often lead to conflict in the past. 

Several times this week I've heard one of them say "I love you" to the other. They have been hugging and playing so happily. I will confess that this melts me - even at 6am.

The changes don't end with the children. D doesn't like dolls or puppets or anything 'creepy'. I'd go as far as to say he hates them, and he physically shuddered the first time he saw George, but over the last 13 days a change has gradually come about. When it is time to *cough* 'facilitate' the nightly antics, D has not only participated, but started taking the lead. Twice this week he's had his own ideas before I've mentioned anything, and when I came home last night (after Christmas curry with the book club ladies - yay!) I was shocked to find everything sorted. This may not sound like much, but D is not usually a "participator" in things like this. Seeing the children so incredibly happy seems to be working it's own subtle magic on him too. 

So yes, life with our elf is pretty good. How is yours? If you'd like to share your elf's antics, add the link to your blog post below - please link back here so your readers can find the other elf antics too. If you don't have a blog but have an online photo album or instagram tag, please feel free to add that URL. 


  1. This is just great and makes me smile. :-))

  2. I've entered a photobucket link to my elf antics :) We are loving having Fred to stay a while. The kids are also loving it, they have even spread the magic to their friends at school, i have had messages from people saying their kids can't wait to get to school to hear what Fred has been up to. They even took the little doughnuts he had made to share with friends and teachers lol!!!
    Such a wonderful idea and definitely brings the kids together. Lovely :)

    Having so much fun in the Wilkinson house!

    1. I absolutely LOVE your photos - looks like there is a whole lot of fun going on there. It's wonderful that you are sharing it all with friends and the school community. My Boy has a friend who also has a visiting elf and each morning they are so excited to tell each other what their cheeky elves have been up to.

      It's very cute!

  3. Aw, that's awesome :) It's funny how being in on something together can really make a difference, and it sounds like the kids are having so much fun with it all.

  4. Oh how I wish I had children young enough to appreciate a Christmas Elf!


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