FO Friday: Doodling

With only a few rows to go, I should be showing you a finished 22 Little Clouds today, but if you have been following my Instagram or Facebook feeds, you may have realised there is a new WIP and a new distraction this week. It's the latter I'd like to tell you about, as it has a knitting theme.
It began while playing with Little Miss and her crayons - I *really* enjoyed it (I was sipping Champagne at the time) and it got me thinking. A few days later I'd downloaded the Bamboo Paper app (good reviews, free demo version, why not?) and within minutes of playing around with it realised how much I've missed doodling - something I haven't done since having children, and certainly not since replacing paper notebooks with gadgets. I immediately upgraded to the full app (£1.49) and got scribbling....
Last night, while browsing Ravelry AGAIN, I came up with this one...
... I have a feeling there will be more!
For anyone who is interested in the app: I really like using it. I found a bargain stylus so I no longer have to rely solely on my finger, although using just fingers works fine, as you can see above. It is very intuitive, supports multiple notebooks and page styles - plain, various lines, grid etc, you can add up to 5 pictures from your photo roll per page, and it's easily exported either as a whole notebook or as individual pages. For drawing it does have limitations - mainly the small number of colours and only having a few different pen/fill options. For the style of rough, purposefully scruffy cartoon I favour, I think it does a perfectly good job.

Little Miss and I have had lots of fun with it - yes, it's simple enough for a 3 year old. You can see her portrait of D above, and she's been practicing writing her name and drawing on it - it's saved us a lot of paper this week. The demo version is definitely worth a try.

Before I go, I'll share an inadvertent Finished Object of the yarn variety. It came about when I ripped out some crochet ideas and was left with the chain. My Boy was with me and I tied it around his wrist. He hasn't taken it off since - it's his "Love Bracelet" and when he wears it he can feel my love all day. Bless him. Just goes to show that one woman's (s)crap can make another boy very happy.... so mind what you discard today!

Today's link is Tami's FO Friday. Have a great weekend!


  1. Love the doodles :) Funny you should post about it, I started doodling and colouring a couple of days ago too - man I love colouring!

    I think my boyfriend has a bamboo tablet, I didn't know there was an app as well - I'll have to look out for it :)

    Have a lovely weekend x

  2. I love your doodling. I wish I were capable of that sort of art, but even scruffy cartoons escape me. Though I did see a colouring book for grown ups as a gift idea the other day and thought that it would be fun to play with. I'm rubbish at 2D representations, but give me 3D and I'm away!

  3. Absolutely brilliant! And both so true!!

  4. That's no doodle, my doodles are furry and bark a lot. LOL! But it still isn't a doodle, it's ART! I could never doodle like that.

  5. So great! I need an i-pad .... :-) Have a nice weekend. Regula

  6. Love the doodles!! So cute and clever!

  7. What a super cool app! Oh boy do I need that and a Stylus.
    I loved your cartoons. So on point and wonderfully creative.

  8. These are great! You are a really good doodler!

  9. I love your doodling.. great! And what a sweet boy you have, makes my heart melt!


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